Life Changing Tips to Finding Inner Peace for Girls Who Hide Their Hurt ...


Life Changing Tips to Finding Inner Peace for Girls Who Hide Their Hurt ...
Life Changing Tips to Finding Inner Peace for Girls Who Hide Their Hurt ...

Before you can heal the hurts that you have hidden or pushed down inside, you have to know the steps to healing. Healing is something that is very individual to each person. But these are steps to healing that may help you overcome your hurts. You may just need a few of these or all of them.

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Realize Something is Wrong inside

human hair color, hair, blond, nose, girl, One of the very first steps to healing that everyone has to take is to realize something is wrong inside. You have to realize there is a hurt there that needs to heal before you can fix it. It’s okay to examine your heart and admit something is truly bothering you. You don’t have to ignore your hurts. That will never help them heal.


Let It out

hair, brown hair, long hair, singing, supermodel, If you feel like you have repressed anger, it can be helpful to let it out. There are a lot of different ways to do this. You have to choose one that feels most helpful to you. You can do this through writing a letter you never give the person that hurt you, taking your fury out on a punching bag or you can choose other options. The important thing is that you express your anger in a healthy way.


Forgive Those That Wronged You

, This is a hard one. There are no shortcuts. You have to work your way through your emotions until you find the ability to forgive those who wronged you. One thing is sure. Forgiving others is actually freeing to you.


Make Peace a Goal

human action, rock, adventure, stream, Make peace a goal in your life. Try to find peace. Think about what makes you feel peaceful. Pursue activities that help you to feel peaceful. Once you find those activities, they need to be something that you do on a regular basis.


Talk about It

black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, film noir, monochrome, Talking about what your hidden hurts are can be very therapeutic. This is a way of helping your hidden hurts to come out of hiding. Hiding them makes it seem as if it is somehow your fault. Bringing them out where you can deal with them is another step closer to healing. You may find that as you talk about it, you can work the hurt over in your mind and come to terms with it so that you can move on.


Give Yourself What You Didn’t Get Earlier in Life

hair, blond, person, hairstyle, long hair, Giving yourself what you didn’t get earlier in life can help you to heal. It isn’t the same but you will be surprised how very effective this is. If you feel you never had anyone to encourage you, make it a point to encourage yourself. If you feel like you were the brunt of someone’s put downs, make it a point to build yourself up. This can be done in many different scenarios.


Decide to Move Forward

phenomenon, action film, screenshot, fictional character, After you have dealt with expressing your hidden hurts, you need to decide to move forward. While there will always be scars there, you don’t have to remain trapped in the depth of your hurt forever. Think about your future. Plan bright things for it. You don’t have to let the hidden hurts of the past hold you back.

These are some steps to help you heal from hidden hurts. I truly hope they offer you comfort and courage to deal with them. What can you add to this list?

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This is timely. Just ended an abusive relationship and been struggling to move on 😔

I make myself better to advertise to the one that has hurt me that they can't win in my world. My life belongs to me. I dodged a bullet and you lost the best thing you ever could of had in your life!👌🏾✌🏾

That is your opinion. Real peace. Is found whichever way we feel comfort. Yours is in a church. We do not have to turn to religion to find 'true' anything. We must first turn to ourselves to face our past and move forward with. . Real peace. Is found, first, within yourself.

Thank you for! So many people ignore the hurt,turmoil call it what you will. End carrying all this negative stuff around which is a barrier to inner peace and fulfilment. Does not matter what approach it how we deal it as long as we address it, it is a start

Can anyone give me advice?

Iv tryed but I can forget what happened :(

It can be really hard

How long do I take to get back into a relationship after I've been hurt

I love self-help pieces. This will come in handy, I am very appreciative! Thanks 💓

Prayer is always a help in any situation. Real peace is only found through God

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