7 Queen Quotes from Elizabeth Herself That Will Inspire You to Be HBIC like Her ...

Queen Elizabeth I reigned during the sixteenth century, and even though that was more than 400 years ago, many of the quotes from Queen Elizabeth are still thought provoking. Queen Elizabeth I ruled during the Age of Exploration, and her time on the throne is often referred to as England’s Golden Age. She is probably best known as the Virgin Queen since she never married; however, Queen Elizabeth I was a shrewd ruler. It was during her reign that Church of England was reestablished and the Spanish Armada was defeated. Clearly, she was an accomplished ruler, which makes the quotes from Queen Elizabeth worth noting.

1. Innocence and Fear

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Queen Elizabeth I explained to the Spanish ambassador that “A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.” I couldn’t agree with this more. When people are hiding something from others they become much more fearful that their secret will be found out. I think it is much better to live an honest life so that there are no added fears or stresses to deal with. Stress can take such a huge toll on the body. Although Queen Elizabeth I probably wasn’t thinking of the toll that guilt can take on a person’s health when she expressed this, I think it is probably one of the best reasons to pay attention to this quote. As a person who believes in reducing stress and fear as much as possible, this is one of the quotes from Queen Elizabeth that really resonates with me.

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