How to Become the Woman You've Always Wanted to Be ...

By Deeceebee

Do you have role models and icons in your life that you aspire to be like? They might be celebrities, they might be people in your real life, they might even be fictional characters ... there is nothing wrong with finding an inspirational figure in any format available. However, when it comes to actually getting to achieve the kinds of goals that you want to, that’s where the hard work and focus comes in to play. With the right guidance and tips, though, you can definitely elevate yourself. Here is how to become the woman that you have always wanted to be!

1 Nothing is Impossible

The first thing you need to do is get yourself out of the mindset that certain things are impossible. Thinking that means you have lost before you have even begun! Rather than ignoring something because you think it is unachievable, instead try to come up with ways that you could set about doing it. Be optimistic, not pessimistic.

2 Embrace You Entire Self

Looks and charm might be able to open doors for you, but brains and personality also have to come to the party at some point! Don’t be afraid to use all of your feminine qualities and wiles to make progress in your life. You are a woman, and women are incredible; you shouldn’t feel like you have to act more like a man in order to get what you want.

3 Learn to Say No

Women are generally much more put upon than men in society, and that is because we have a tendency not to be able to say no! It’s time to be a little more selfish with your time and your efforts and only say yes to the people and the projects that you are truly passionate about. All that time you save can be spent focusing on yourself rather than other people.

4 Trust Yourself

Get out of the habit of always going to someone else to ask for their advice or their opinion It’s time to be more confident and trusting in your own thought process. The most successful women in the world don’t need a focus group to make a decision. They just back themselves and they get things done!

5 Insecurities

You can gain strength and power by identifying your insecurities. When you know what they are you can start to work on them. Ignoring them is only going make for a rude awakening or a stressful situation in the future.

6 Stay Healthy

You need to treat your body like a temple, and then things like confidence and self-worth will swiftly follow as a result. Eat the right things, do the right work out. The better you feel physically, the better you will feel mentally, and when you are in shape in both body and mind, that is when you can start to take over the world and make huge strides!

7 Take Risks

If you don't take risks how will you ever know how good something could have been? Courage is great protection for taking steps you've never taken before.

8 Find Your Voice

If you don't speak up, you will never live the life you want. Communication is essential to making it known how you want to move ahead, how you want your relationships to be. That new idea or change will not happen if you don't verbalise it.

10 Work Hard

Few people get the life they want handed to them on a plate. You have to be committed and work hard to achieve your goals and dreams. Be enthusiastic about everything you do. Be stubborn in overcoming obstacles. Beat them. Don't let them defeat you.

Embrace and nurture the woman inside - she's who you really want to be.

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