The Importance of Human Connection ...

By Karen

The Importance of Human Connection ...

Have you ever thought about the importance of human connection? According to Dr. Margaret Paul, a relationship expert, some of the basic needs of childhood are love and emotional connection. Many humans grow up without these needs being adequately met. This lack of connection can have wide-ranging consequences. Trying to get that connection from others rather than learning to connect with yourself and others, can lead to many personal and relationship problems.

In her work with clients, Dr. Paul focuses on helping them connect with themselves - with their feelings and their source of spiritual guidance. Read more eye-opening information about the importance of human connection here.

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An Inner Black Hole

When you are disconnected from yourself and not filling yourself with love through spiritual connection, you create a black hole within. It becomes like a vacuum, trying to pull love from others. Now can you see the importance of human connection?


Failed Relationships

If you are abandoning yourself and avoiding responsibility for your feelings, you will likely attract someone who is doing the same thing. We cannot fill up another person.


Depression and Loneliness

These are 2 dirty words! Depression is a huge mental health issue in our society. Our “feeling self” gets depressed when we are disconnected from true feelings and not taking loving responsibility for them. We feel lonely when we do not have healthy relationships with family and friends.


Physical Illness

The term “psychosomatic disorder” is mainly used to mean a physical disease that is thought to be caused, or made worse, by mental factors. When you live your life disconnected from yourself - not listening to and taking loving care of your feelings - it is difficult to manage stressors that can cause physical health problems.



There is a saying “If you are bored it is because you are boring”. Passion and creativity thrive through being connected with how you feel and with your spiritual guidance. When you disconnect from emotions to protect against pain, you also shut out joy, creativity, and passion.

Dr. Paul contends it is possible to learn to connect within. Move your focus from outer to inner by truly loving yourself and others.

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