7 Helpful 🙏 Tips on Breaking Any 💯 Bad Habit 🤐 Big 👐 or Small 👌 ...

We all have bad habits or addictions whether we admit it or not and chances are you probably want to break your bad habits. No matter whether your bad habit is biting your nails or tapping your pen at work, learning how to break a bad habit can serve you well. You'll learn how to channel your energy into other endeavors and with some time and effort, will find that you aren't engaging in your bad habit so much anymore. So, here you go. The best ways to break a bad habit. Good luck!

1. Write It down

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Write down what your habit is so you're visualizing it and hopefully that will sink in properly. Write down why you want to break the habit and how you think you'll go about doing so. This is one of the best ways to break a bad habit because there's something powerful about seeing it in writing.

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