7 Fantastically Motivational Quotes to Start the New Year ...


7 Fantastically Motivational Quotes to Start the New Year ...
7 Fantastically Motivational Quotes to Start the New Year ...

The holiday season is here and change is all around us, represented in movies, celebrations, and fantastic quotes to start the New Year. Transitioning from one year to the next is sometimes a little difficult if we hold onto negativity and regret. Sometimes we need a little push in the form of encouraging words from friends or nuggets of wisdom from inspirational quotes. Embrace the start of the New Year as an opportunity to reframe and refresh your outlook with a few positive words! Below we offer seven quotes to start the New Year.

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Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello We begin our list of quotes to start the New Year with this gem from Annette Funicello. Whenever, I hear her name I recall her bright smile and sunny disposition. It is that same sunny disposition that I imagine whenever I read this quote. I love this quote because it encourages us to embrace the now. Striving to attain an idea of perfection can consume every moment of our day. As a result, we miss out on many opportunities to embrace life! Love yourself, live in the moment, and cultivate peace and comfort within. Accept who you are and let the rest fall where it may.



Voltaire This is a fantastic quote to start the New Year. It is clever and accurate. It helps me to better understand what I am feeling and to not let the issue affect my disposition. As unpleasant as a situation may seem, I try to choose happiness over the rest. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hotheaded quick-tempered Aries and it takes a little extra work to shrug off the unnecessary and choose happiness. But, heck yeah! I choose happiness. You can, too. Every day. Whatever or whenever a particularly challenging moment happens, this quote reminds us that our mood is directly connected with our mental and physical health.


Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson I love this wonderfully witty play on words! This quote from Jimmy Johnson is incredibly encouraging because it highlights the potential for greatness in all of us. We all have that “little extra,” don’t we? The ability to stand out, persevere, and thrive! Make this ordinary, year-end transition extraordinary!


Emile Coue

Emile Coue I love saying this quote to myself, every day. It is such a wonderful way to think about the future, self-improvement, and self-empowerment. It encourages us to pace ourselves and to remember that work is progress. Each day we wake up, we have the opportunity to make that day better than the last. We all make mistakes in many ways. Learn from those mistakes; use them as lessons to improve yourself – to get better and better.


A.a. Milne/Winnie the Pooh

A.a. Milne/Winnie the Pooh When I was about six years old an accident left me with a pretty distinct scar above one eye. While not many people ask me about it, I can see the question on their faces. It has taken me some time to love my scar. Yes, love it. It represents part of my history and tells a piece of my story. We each have something different about us that is quite special. Perhaps you have a scar like mine, or a penchant for certain smelly cheeses, or a distinctly quirky personality. Whatever your “different” is, it is part of the puzzle that forms a complete picture of you. Wear your fabulousness with confidence!



Anonymous How will you live your life in the New Year? I love this quote because it emphasizes perspective. The year ahead is a big canvas that we paint day by day, moment by moment, with new experiences. What do you want your painting to look like? Those individual moments captured in the brushstrokes of memories. Live each moment with conviction. Chase your dreams. Focus on positive thoughts and do the work that will take you along the path of success to accomplish your dreams. Chase those fears away with each new goal you accomplish on your path to success.



Anonymous Haters are everywhere. We all have them. This quote reminds us of the power of words to either inhibit or encourage. I hope you take all the negative comments (stones) thrown at you by your haters and use them to build a bridge to progress. Do not let the negative comments of others hold you back. This is your time to claim your badassedness. You have the power to shape your future.

Today is a new day in a new year with unlimited opportunities to build an even more fabulous future. This year, let nothing hold you back from being the best version of yourself possible. Plan well, work hard, and pursue your dreams. We hope you find these quotes helpful – keep one or two in your back pocket or post it in your home. Do you have a favorite motivational quote? Please, share!

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