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17 Quotes That Will Push You to Be Productive Today ...

By Holly

Procrastination might make you happy today, but it'll make you miserable in the long run. That's why you should stop waiting to accomplish your goals and start working toward achieving them. After all, don't you want to live your dream life? That'll only happen if you work hard. If you need a little help with motivation, here are a few quotes that'll push you to be productive today:

1 Hard Work

Hard Work Your dream of becoming an actress is never going to work out unless you actually work on accomplishing your goals. So get out there and go to auditions!

2 Early Bird

Early Bird The earlier you wake up, the more hours you'll have in a day. That means you're bound to accomplish more than you used to when you got up at noon.

3 Positivity

Positivity Negativity is a dream killer. As long as you have high hopes for your future, you're doing something right.

4 Focus

Focus Being busy and being productive aren't the same thing at all, so make sure you don't just force yourself to do things so you can say that you did them.

5 Control

Control Doing your homework isn't actually all that hard. The hard part is pushing yourself to start.

6 Commitment

Commitment Whenever you do something productive, give yourself a pat on the back. After all, it shows how intelligent and focused you are.

7 Procrastination

Procrastination If you only have a few hours to finish a paper, you better stop messing around and get it done, don't you think?

8 Positivity

Positivity If you want to be productive, you should surround yourself with productive people. Their work ethic will rub off on you.

9 Busy

Busy Don't let yourself be busy when you could be productive. There's a definite difference.

10 Satisfaction

Satisfaction At the end of each day, you should be able to say that you're satisfied with how you spent your time. If you're disappointed in yourself, something is wrong.

11 Improvement

Improvement If you want to be happier tomorrow, then you have to do something productive today. Every move you make will impact your future.

12 Dreams

Dreams You can't spend your whole life sleepwalking. You need to wake up and actually live your life if you want to be productive.

13 Plans

Plans If your first plan falls through, don't get upset. You can always try again and again and again.

14 Closer

Closer If it feels like your school days are going by slow, take pride in the fact that every single day is a day closer to graduation. Isn't that a relief?

15 Capable

Capable Every single day, you should aim to learn something new. It doesn't matter how small it is, as long as you can say that you're now capable of doing something you've never done before.

16 Urgency

Urgency Take a second to really think about what's important in your life. It might not be what you've always thought.

17 Success

Success You're the only one in control of your life, so take charge! How are you going to choose to spend your day?

Stop procrastinating! It's time to actually do the thing you've been putting off for days. Once you do, you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself. What's the most motivational quote you've ever heard?

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