15 Things to do Every Morning to Be Successful ...


15 Things to do Every Morning to Be Successful ...
15 Things to do Every Morning to Be Successful ...

Alright girls, listen up because I’m here to tell you exactly what things to do every morning so you can be your most successful you! I recently read an article in one of my favorite newspapers that highlighted successful people and what they do on a regular basis. Then, I started researching a little more and found several key things they all had in common. After that, I started taking notice of successful people I know, and how they utilize the morning hours each day. What I found were all common things to do every morning that I’ve started implementing in my own life, and you know what? I already feel more productive and am accomplishing more each day too! Some of these may seem daunting, but after one month, I can tell you they aren’t that hard and they really do work! Check them out and then share your tips with me!

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Get up Earlier

This is one of the hardest, but best things to do every morning if you want to be successful. If you already get up early, as in around 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m., then don’t worry; I’m not talking to you since you're already on top of the game! I’m speaking to those of you who get up around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. like I used to. I worked a second shift job, so getting up any earlier was out of the question for me. Luckily, now that I work at home, I’m able to get up whenever I choose. If you have this option to get up early before your job each day, do it! I get more done in the early hours of the day and have less distractions. Each morning, the alarm goes off at 5 a.m., and I’m working out by 5:30 a.m. and eating breakfast by 7:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. This is especially a great tool if you want to get more done each day. It is reported that most successful people, even President Obama himself, get up at 4:30 a.m or 5 a.m.. each day. Now ladies, if the President himself can find the time, surely we all can!


Waking up early sets the tone for a proactive day. Imagine the quiet morning hours, the perfect backdrop for undisturbed focus and productivity. Implementing this habit takes commitment, as the comfort of a warm bed is seductive. Start gradually, setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier each week and watch the transformation unfold in your routine. The early bird does catch the worm, and by the time the world stirs, you'll already be in full swing, armed with a sense of accomplishment that will fuel the rest of your day. Remember, consistency is key. Stick to your new schedule even on weekends to truly reap the benefits.


Work out

Yes, along with getting up early, I’m asking you to get your booty moving in high gear too! I already made working out a habit, but didn't do it as early in the morning as I am now. If you're new to working out, I probably sound like a drill sergeant, but hear me out. Highly successful people have this number one habit in common. They get up early and work out to get their day started. This isn’t only important for physical fitness, but also important for your mental focus, function and your metabolism. It is a great way to take time for yourself each day, before the day’s agenda takes its toll on your energy levels. It is also a great way to motivate yourself and has been proven to increase mental function and concentration to everyone who does it. Start by working out for 30 minutes each morning, whether it be a walk around your neighborhood or local park, and then add 10 minutes of stretching, weights or a few yoga poses. Then, increase this time to 45 minutes or an hour if you can, and add weight training or extra cardio. Be sure to stretch regularly after each session to enhance your flexibility too.


Eat Breakfast

We all know breakfast is important, but did you know that all successful people make sure not to skip this important meal? Oh, and if you’re wondering, a massive bowl of sugary cereal is not considered breakfast here, girls, nor is a leftover piece of last night’s pizza. I’m talking about a good, solid breakfast to get you energized and nourished for the day ahead. This is the best little gift you can give your brain and your metabolism. Don’t eat too early if you’ve had a late dinner, but be sure to eat something at least a couple hours after you get up. Since I wake up at 5 a.m., I’m not in the mood to sit down and eat first thing. It actually helps me wake up to get up and move first thing, so I choose to work out first. Then, I refuel afterwards and I feel great all day long. In fact, I am much more capable of focusing on the tasks the rest of the day by fueling up first thing. Choose a protein rich breakfast such as eggs, a whole foods protein smoothie or shake, oatmeal with some nuts, seeds and Greek yogurt, or even Greek yogurt with some berries and nuts or seeds. Protein is important to jump start the neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance mental function. All successful people know how important mental function is in generating ideas, accomplishing tasks efficiently, and increasing motivation for the day ahead. Plus, not eating breakfast can make you cranky, so do everyone else a favor, dear, and eat before you start your day!


Enjoy Some Quiet Time

One reason getting up early is so great is because it gives you some quiet time each day. If you live in a crowded home like I do, you know that it can be hard to get some peace in the morning if the dogs are all over the house, people are making noise getting ready, or are just talking throughout the house. If you have kids, I know you understand what I mean. Getting up early, exercising and even eating breakfast alone are great ways to take some time for yourself each morning. When you do this, you’re allowing your brain to just focus on you, your day ahead, things you would like to do during the day, things you would like to get accomplished, or even how you can help others throughout the day. If it helps, write in a journal each morning for 5 or 10 minutes. It makes you a more peaceful, productive person, and a happier person to be around. Whatever you can squeeze in, start adding some morning quiet time to your routine. You’ll become addicted quite quickly, I’m sure, and it may be the extra incentive you need to set that alarm clock early!


In the serenity of the morning, allow yourself the space to breathe and set intentions for the day. It’s in these quiet moments that you might find the clarity and creativity that gets drowned out by the day's chaos. Seize this time to meditate, read a page of your current book, or simply sit with your thoughts as the world awakens around you. This personal oasis not only calms the mind but also nurtures your mental health, giving you the resilience to take on whatever the day may bring with grace and vigor.


Be Organized

One other thing that highly successful people have in common is that they are very organized when it comes to their morning routine. This means having your clothes prepared for the day ahead, your lunches or other meals gathered up if you work away from home, keeping all your work bags together, and even keeping your room organized. Don’t leave your bed unmade, clothes all over the floor and your bathroom a train wreck. Every time you do, these visual cues send teeny tiny signs of stress to your brain, and can make you feel chaotic, even if you’re not. Be organized, and you’ll feel more together, more on top of your game and ready for the day ahead. Coming from a slob turned neat freak, I’m here to tell you- it works!


Leave Yesterday behind

One really important thing you must do every morning is not to get up regretting yesterday’s choices, decisions, losses, etc. If you didn’t get a promotion at work you were hoping for, are having a tiff with a friend, or your boss said something that upset you, you must leave it in the past. If you were in the wrong, be sure you apologize, but otherwise you need to leave what is behind you alone and focus on today. Every successful person approaches the new day ahead with a new attitude, positive outlook and with a plan, not a regret. You cannot change what is past, but having the right outlook for the day ahead will give you the ability to make today better.


Be Confident

One really simple thing I have found that works very well is to give yourself a pep talk each morning. Okay, I don’t really talk to myself out loud each day, but if you want to, go for it! I do give myself a mental pep talk each morning though, telling myself that I have everything it takes to get through this day, accomplish what is needed, and be open to new ideas and possibilities that can enhance my life, or other lives around me. Be prepared for any situation by giving yourself a confidence boost each morning. This gets you motivated and makes you more confident to the world around you. It can even help to dress in an outfit that makes you feel great, wear your favorite hairstyle, eat a healthy breakfast, etc. Doing anything that makes you feel more confident is a great way to start the day. I also like reading an inspirational passage or quote each morning, which gives me something positive to focus on first thing.


Plan Your Day

The best way to have a successful morning is by mapping out your day. This means focusing on your to-do list and goals for the next 24 hours. The only way you can maximize your efficiency for the day is by knowing the exact order of things that need to be done. The early part of the day is best for reflection because your mind is clear and your environment is quiet. So from the second you wake up, plan your daily routine in your head or write it down and then go on with your day knowing you got it all figured out!


Prioritize your tasks by categorizing them into must-dos and nice-to-dos. Tackle the most challenging tasks when your energy is at its peak, usually in the morning. Be diligent in allocating specific time slots for each activity, including breaks. This deliberate time-management transforms your vast to-do list into a structured schedule, making you less prone to procrastination and more productive throughout the day. Remember, flexibility is crucial too—unexpected tasks will arise, so be prepared to shuffle your priorities if needed while maintaining focus on your goals.


Track Your Time

While planning your to-do list, it is also important to keep a time frame in mind. After all there are only 24 hours in a day and yet there are so many things that need to be done. Make sure to assign an appropriate number of hours for each task so you can properly space out everything and not run out of time. Be sure to remember to schedule in some quiet time for relaxation and healthy meals to take care of yourself and avoid stress.


To truly hone your time-tracking skills, you might consider using a digital tool or app. This would not only keep you on track with meticulous precision, but also offer an insightful breakdown of your daily habits. By reviewing where your time actually goes, you can make necessary adjustments to foster personal growth and efficiency. As you begin to understand the rhythm of your day, make sure to flexibly account for unexpected interruptions—they're inevitable. Maintaining a balance is key; don’t forget to set aside moments for a revitalizing cup of coffee or a quick walk to rejuvenate your mind and body.


Go outside

Nothings feels better than walking the empty streets early in the morning when the air is fresh and the atmosphere is calm and serene. If you can squeeze some time outside early in the morning, walk your dog or just go for a morning coffee around the corner. Not only can this be a good start to your exercise but you’ll also be able to inhale fresh air for a proper start of the day.


Taking that first breath of the day outside infuses your body with energy and gives your mind a fresh slate. Early exposure to daylight is known to help regulate your circadian rhythms, which improves sleep and boosts mood. As the world around you awakens, you set a tranquil yet energizing tone for the day ahead. Stepping out also widens your perspective; you realize there's a whole world to conquer. This simple act of reconnecting with the environment can invigorate your senses and cultivate a mindset of readiness for whatever challenges may come your way.



Whether you want to catch up on morning news, check your email or quickly get through a chapter of your favorite book, reading is a great way to get your brain working in the morning. Reading is calming and it can boost your alertness by engaging you in the plot or subject It’s important to start your day not only by exercising your body but also working out your brain!


Select material that inspires or motivates you to set a positive tone for the day. Whether it’s diving into an empowering autobiography, absorbing a self-help guide, or unraveling the mysteries of an engrossing fiction novel, the content you read can greatly influence your mindset. Aim for a balance that combines pleasure with intellectual stimulation, which can help in sharpening your focus and expanding your horizons. Remember, even ten minutes of dedicated reading can contribute significantly to personal growth and kick-start your cognitive functions for the day ahead.


Pamper Yourself

There is no better way to start your day then by pampering yourself. You get out of bed, cleanse your face, and apply moisturizer, and all of a sudden you feel more awake and ready to take on the day! We take on the extra steps to put on make up and coordinate an outfit because those things make us feel alert and ready to get things done.


Don't Procrastinate

Waking up late and laying in bed hours after might feel good in the moment, but later on you tend to regret it because you feel like you wasted your time. Without realizing it, it’s already noon and you haven’t done anything productive. Procrastination never feels good so in order to be successful avoid that evil voice in your head that tells you to lay in bed or surf the web for five more minutes!



Avoiding procrastination and planning your day is one step closer to success but those things don’t matter if you don’t prioritize your tasks. Your schedule might be packed with too many things to do, so it’s important to put more valuable tasks beforehand no matter how arduous they seem. Don’t put off important things until the end because you might end up not doing them at all and you've spent the day only doing extraneous work.


To truly excel, identify which tasks are critical and tackle them first. This prioritization can be guided by understanding the impact of each task and its urgency. Start your day by doing the most vital tasks when your energy and focus are at their peak. It’s easy to fall into the trap of checking off minor tasks for the quick satisfaction it brings, but remember, the true value lies in completing what will move you closer to your goals. Be strong in your resolve to address the big-ticket items without delay.



If the morning is the only quiet time your get for yourself, this might be the perfect time for you to just think. We often overlook mental health and neglect it, which is why we should work on our mental stability whenever we can. Take a chunk of your morning routine to focus on positive thinking and maybe even spend some time in meditation. It will help you focus on what is important and avoid inconsequential stress.

Each of us have this precious time between the hours we get up and the hours we start our work to be more positive, more productive and more successful. If all this isn’t enough, I’ve found each of these things will make you happier too! What is your favorite tip for being successful?

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