Exceptional Ways to Take Your Mind off the Stress of Christmas ...

By Clarrie

Are you looking for some ways to take your mind off the stress of Christmas? For the weeks and weeks leading up to it, the television, the songs, the movies and all the advertising around Christmas tell us that it is the most wonderful and magical time of the year, and for children especially, that can certainly be the case. However, if you are an adult who has more responsibilities during the holiday season than at any other time of the year, the word Christmas can strike fear into your very soul! In theory, Christmas should be a time full of love and fun, but that can only happen if you create the right environment both in your external life and in your mind. Here are some great ways to take your mind off the stress of Christmas.

1 Arts and Crafts

eyewear, glasses, vision care, girl, fashion model, One of the best ways to take your mind off the stress of Christmas is to do some craft projects. Take all of the pent up anxiety and stress related to Christmas and channel that energy into interesting and challenging arts and crafts projects. Whether you like knitting, crocheting, pottery, scrapbooking or even trying something completely out of your comfort zone that you have never attempted before, the intricacy of the craft and the concentration that it takes will help to take your mind off the mounting pressure of Christmas time.

2 Dance Class

performing arts, choreography, entertainment, sport venue, dance, Dancing is the perfect method of distraction and de-stressing because it is good for you in so many different ways! Not only does learning a new dance give you a sense of satisfaction, it is also a sneaky form of exercise that doesn’t feel like a daunting workout! Not to mention, dancing with friends is about the most fun you can have!

3 Book Club

human behavior, girl, Reading is used as a method of escapism for many people who want to forget about their worries for an hour or two at a time, so why not adopt this technique for yourself? Even better, find or start a local book group so that you are not only reading a good book, you are also making friends along the way and having great conversations about things that aren’t necessarily related to Christmas!

4 Baking

girl, product, fun, socialite, Baking is a precise but relaxing activity that you can do while doing other fun things like listening to music, listening to an audiobook, watching TV, and most importantly drinking a nice glass of wine! Not only is the activity itself nice and calming, but you are also rewarded at the end of the exercise with plenty of delicious baked goods to eat and share with your loved ones!

5 Laughter Yoga

You might have heard about this trendy new yoga style, but trying it is an all together different thing! If there is a class local to you, you really should check it out. Not only will you feel the physical benefits of the yoga, but you will also leave the session with a great sense of happiness from the fun activity that you have just taken part in. Perfect therapy for Christmas time!

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