10 Superb Tricks to Help You do the Tasks You Despise for Girls That Procrastinate ...


10 Superb Tricks to Help You do the Tasks You Despise for Girls That Procrastinate  ...
10 Superb Tricks to Help You do the Tasks You Despise for Girls That Procrastinate  ...

There's just no way avoiding unpleasant things like laundry, taxes, solving relationship issues or dealing with a difficult boss. There are big and little things in life we have to work at finding the motivation to carry us through to their completion. Here are 10 tips to help you deal with life's little and big irritants:

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Learn to Rise above It All

nebula, astronomical object, Confront your worries and aspirations, embrace life's little niggles and exchange ideals for realism. Discover gratitude and set boundaries for yourself. It may be a little scary at first or even seem mundane, but self-awareness is a wonderful thing and will help you to deal with the suck.


Confront Your Fear

person, field, love, What is stopping you from dealing with the suck? Not wanting to do a particular thing is fear - confront it, overcome your fear of looking bad or being regarded as a failure. Accept that change is part of life and embrace it instead of fleeing from it.


Swap Ideals for Realism

person, facial expression, emotion, laughter, GET, As teenagers we believe life is free of irritation and discomfort, imperfection, embarrassment and confusion. In adulthood we often try to hold on to this ideal, but it's time to let this teen-fantasy go.


Don't Speculate on the Outcome

person, classroom, room, profession, official, Forget about the potential results of an action - consider the intention of tackling an uncomfortable task instead. Nobody can see into the future, so why try? Focus on the suck and getting it done. Disregard any bad things that may or may not happen as a result.


Accept Life's Not All Sweetness and Roses

hair, hairstyle, person, black hair, photo shoot, Often your confusion about what to do because you’re handling something new or unexpected just adds to the discomfort. Life isn't a fairytale - and how boring would that be? Handling a crisis, no matter if successfully or badly, is character-building. Embrace life, warts and all. Paint a smile on your face, roll up your sleeves: now get going!


Don't Let Your Mind Trick You

hair, blond, person, painting, photograph, Your mind will run riot at the mere thought of unpleasant chores. Don't let it! Observe where your mind wants to take you, then take a deep breath and tell it not to be so silly. Things always work out for the best in the end.


Set Boundaries

person, blond, facial expression, hairstyle, bangs, Human beings like to rebel against unpleasant chores. "I want to be free!" we cry, sticking our heads into the sand to avoid unpleasant things. Practice self-control for 10 minutes every day: leave that chocolate bar alone, don't surf the web! Team up with a friend - peer pressure works wonders, keeping both of you in check.


Be Grateful for What You've Got

person, facial expression, painting, beauty, portrait, Discover a silver lining in everything unpleasant you're forced to do. If your boss asks you to archive a decade worth of confidential files - hey, he trusts you and you're still employed. Your getting paid for filing bits of paper instead of having to do real hard work, allowing you to pay rent, buy food and go out with your friends. How good is that?


Start with Baby Steps, then Start Running

red, person, facial expression, smile, girl, Small steps allow you to gain confidence. Give yourself a break after completing the first task, have a cup of coffee or a treat, then deal with the next unpleasant thing. Have another small break, then carry on. You'll soon work out a routine.


Consider Why You're Doing This

facial expression, blond, beauty, Instead of letting your mind run wild with fear, reflect why you need to deal. Has somebody pressed you into doing them a favor or are you doing this for your own benefit? Will the completion of the task make somebody else happy, somebody close to you? Connect the dots and work out if dealing with the suck will ultimately make the world a better place - even in a miniscule way, it still counts!

Are you ready to give your attitude some special TLC and start knocking all those horrid things off your to-do list?

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I need this greatly! Thanks for the post. It's time to deal with my problems :-)

A “HOME RUN”, “Super~Lauren”!!!~ Spot~on, RELEVANT wisdom all over in there~ huge thanks!! You speak to things & situations I deal with ~ honestly, struggle with~ each & every day & it gives me some perspective & “chin~up”hope!

Thanks for the inspiring post. I'm going to share with my daughter.

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