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I’m sure that a lot of people would like to know how to feel more secure, and even if this seems sometimes like an impossible thing to do, I must tell you that it’s quite achievable. I admit it’s not simple, but with the proper amount of work and with a bit of patience, you’ll get rid of all your insecurities in no time. There are a lot of ways to feel good about yourself and to improve your self-confidence. Just read on and discover a few interesting tips on how to feel more secure.

1. Tell Yourself Every Day That You Are a Confident Person

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This is one of the most efficient tips I could give you on how to feel more secure. Try to make a habit out of telling yourself every single day that you are a confident and secure person and that you’ll be able to achieve anything you want. Love yourself more! If you keep repeating those “magical” words to yourself, you’ll manage to convince yourself that they must be true. After all, insecurity is just a state of mind enhanced by the world we live in.

2. Some People Can Be Mean

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In order to feel more secure, you should first learn to accept the fact that some people are mean and unkind to others without any particular reason. So, stop blaming yourself for everything and don’t let those people get to you! It’s just the way they are and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to change their opinion. Just try to tell yourself that "It is their issue, not my personality" and remind yourself what a wonderful and caring person you are.

3. Try to Alter What You Don’t like about Yourself

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If you’re currently unsatisfied with certain aspects of your life, try to do something about them instead of dwelling on your faults. Try to alter what you don’t like about yourself, improve certain skills you have and try to change your perspective on things! Don’t get discouraged and tell yourself that you can’t do it. Everyone can achieve anything if they work hard enough. Try first and enjoy the results later. Don’t sabotage yourself!

4. Nobody Knows You Better than You

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Don’t let all those unkind people or their mean words get to you! You should keep reminding yourself that in fact nobody knows you better than you. If someone criticizes you that doesn’t mean that all you do is wrong, they are just criticizing a certain thing you did. They could have misunderstood your actions and that definitely doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Everyone has their own opinion and often people don’t agree with each other.

5. Think Ahead

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If you decided that you want to improve certain things about yourself, then think ahead - decide where you want to be in five years and make it happen. Remember “You can't change who you were, only who you will become”. Work as hard as you can to achieve your goals and enjoy your every success, no matter how small it might be. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do a certain thing. Have faith in yourself and follow your dreams!

6. Everyone Has Insecurities

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If you have a pretty low self-confidence and if you believe that nobody will understand what are you going through or how you feel sometimes, just remember that everyone is struggling with their own insecurities every single day. Some people just choose not to dwell on them. You are not alone. Ask for advice, learn how other people manage their insecurities and deal with your feelings in a more constructive way.

7. Smile More Often

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One of the best things you can do in order to feel more secure is to smile more often. Smile when somebody is nice to you, when you meet someone or simply smile at yourself in the mirror every time you have the chance to do it. It will make you feel good about yourself and you will also seem a more pleasant person.

8. Focus on the Positive

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Try to avoid focusing only on all the negative things that may happen in your life or on your flaws. Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes, after all, we’re all human. The important thing is to learn from them so you’ll be able to avoid getting hurt in the future. Instead, you could focus on all the positive things about yourself and see how you can improve certain skills or enhance certain qualities that you are so lucky to have.

9. Be Nice to People

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I know that sometimes this can seem almost impossible to achieve, especially if you think that those people don’t like you or that they don’t deserve to be treated with respect. Even if this may be true, do it for yourself and be nice to them. Maybe they're just insecure and they think that by being rude, they’ll protect themselves from getting hurt. Be polite and treat everybody with respect. You’ll see how good you will feel afterwards.

I know that in certain situations it can be quite hard to feel more secure, but it’s not impossible. Everyone is different, so just try to be yourself and enjoy it! Can you give us any other effective tips in how to feel more secure? Please share your opinion in the comments section!


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