What's the Difference πŸ”„ between Confidence 😊 and Arrogance 😏?

There’s a line between arrogance and confidence that shouldn’t be crossed. Confidence is an admirable quality but over-confidence can easily become arrogance and no one likes an arrogant person. Arrogance also doesn’t help us grow as people because with arrogance comes a feeling of superiority. Arrogant people don’t admit their mistakes and therefore rarely work on their faults. So how do you know if you’re walking the like of arrogance or confidence?

1. People's Attitude

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The difference between confidence and arrogance is seen most markedly in arrogant people's attitude towards their fellow human beings. Believing they are better than everybody else, they look down their noses at anyone less fortunate, good-looking or talented than themselves. Confident people treat everybody the same and don't regard themselves as anything special. They don't lecture or preach at us or tell us we are wrong all the time. They listen, then give their opinion, while arrogant people will often talk over others because they don't value anybody else's opinion. Arrogant people often fill the room with their negative energy and when things go wrong, they don't accept responsibility but blame others.

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