People Always Break the Same New Year's Resolutions ...


People Always Break the Same New Year's Resolutions ...
People Always Break the Same New Year's Resolutions ...

By the end of the year, we will hear several “promises” from different individuals and these promises are about New Year’s resolutions that people always break. It’s the time of the year again when you hear almost everyone says, “This is my year! I will make the most out of it!” Hooray for optimism! Now, the next step is to make it happen. Here are seven New Year’s resolutions that people always break:

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Lose Weight

If there is an honor roll of promises broken, this one will be on top of the list of New Year’s resolutions that people always break. The mere mortals among us fall into the trap that was wonderfully messed up by roasted beef, apple pie, wine and cheese. Add to that pile convenient, fast and sinful fast food indulgences that are simply too difficult to refuse. Anyone with suggestions for how to beat this curse?


Stop Smoking

Several of my friends smoke. A lot of them now have some sort of ailment because of the habit. The ones who haven’t developed any form of illness related to nicotine and its minions told me they will soon quit so they may live longer. They said that to me seven years ago. As 2015 moves onward, I’m waiting for the same declaration.



“One day, I’m going to travel just to be with myself,” said Jane. Eight years after this statement was uttered, she is still stuck in a cubicle wondering how she can get out of the rat race. There are so many Janes in this world who always postpone travel (or generally time for the self) for career and other responsibilities. On this matter, let me just offer a thought: "Dears, stop thinking and just do it. You can’t always put the things you love on hold.” Travel, even if it means you have to do it alone.


Quit Drinking

All for the love of healthy living, some people say they will quit drinking and face a whole new year “clean.” Guess what? Before January ends, they’re already drowning themselves with tequila shots. I personally think there’s nothing wrong with drinking but…everything should be in moderation. I believe that the key in making New Year’s resolution is that they have to be realistic. So perhaps you can say, “I’ll control my drinking next year,” instead of, “I will stop drinking in 2015.” How’s that?


Get Another Job

Let’s face it, at some point in our professional lives, we had that job that we hated…to the bones. But we can’t leave it because it’s a stepping stone to something. While going through the daily rigors of doing one task after another, it crossed your mind that someday you will have a job that you will truly enjoy doing. A new year is coming and then you tell yourself that for the next year, you will be a different woman, version 9.0. Any luck on making that happen?


Read More Books

And I mean, reading with pleasure, not those materials that we are required to read because of work or school. But…it’s not enough to just say that you will read more books this year. Better make it specific, honey. It’s best to be realistic, right? Say, four books a month?


Spend More Time with Family

For those working in cities (or countries) away from our families, I know you can relate to this point. I often think that Christmas is a time when guilt comes alive because during Christmas dinners or get-together parties, we feel that the company of family is just filled with warmth and love. And yet, we don’t spend too much time with Mom or that younger sibling who just makes you laugh endlessly. Well, it doesn't have to be Christmas or a holiday to spend time with family. Make every day count, as they say.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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This article was a downer :\

I can resonate with some not all though, and it's so much easier when you change a couple words. Instead of diet, I'm gonna eat healthier or drink moe water. And be kind to your self. One thing one day or one minute of one second. Makes a big difference. wi

Don't make it a New Years resolution. Who says you can't start a diet quit smoking or drinking etc on some random Tuesday in July

I do the read more books every year, but I break it down to specifics. Last year it was queens, so I started with Victoria and worked my way out to her daughters and granddaughters. This year it's true crimes starting with Jack the Ripper.

Spend less time with family and move to a place where I'm more comfortable. I don't think they should rule my life and want to make sure it doesn't happen this year. I think a good goal is to move into a nice community without 7 as its all I've done and need change. I would also try to do a program that I can get a good paying job from.

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