Girl's Guide to Kicking the Fears Stopping You Living the Life You Deserve ...


Girl's Guide to Kicking the Fears Stopping You Living the Life You Deserve ...
Girl's Guide to Kicking the Fears Stopping You Living the Life You Deserve ...

As girls, we always tend to stop 🙅 doing things and we let fear rule 👑 us a little bit. Girls, first 1️⃣ and foremost, you need to face 😅 those fears. Don't be scared 😱 of anything and make sure that you kick some ass. Who cares if you are rejected by a guy? Eff 'em! You can do things alone and all that self-doubt you got? Kick it to the curb because you are amazing. Below are some of the most common fears and how you can kick them out of your world.

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Being Rejected

screenshot, sense, You're, not, really, Everyone is scared 😱 of being rejected at some point ↙️ in their life. If a guy 👨 doesn't want you? If a job is not promoting you? Girls, screw 🔩 it, you are better than that and truthfully, you deserve better. Work 📠 hard, smile 😊 and have fun, you'll conquer this fear!


Being Alone

black and white, person, image, darkness, monochrome photography, This used to be a big 🐛 one 1️⃣ of mine and how I conquered it was I forced myself to be alone. I did things alone until I got comfortable 👟 with it. You need to do the same thing. Force 💪 yourself out of your comfort 👟 zone a little bit!


Failure in General

muscle, blond, finger, lam, frustrated, Failure is something that we're all really nervous 😅 about. What is there to fear, though? Failure will teach you so much and make you learn 📕 from your mistakes!


Losing Those That Matter to You

black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, monochrome, screenshot, Sometimes, when you lose everything, it will reveal everything that you need or want. Remember that and you won't have this fear anymore.


All of That Self-doubt

blond, brown hair, long hair, screenshot, Everything, See, the thing about self-doubt is that you let it in and you think about it. Stop 🙅 doubting yourself, you're a beautiful person!


The Judgment of Others

black and white, screenshot, monochrome, monochrome photography, fictional character, Yes, we all think that people 🚸 are judging us. The best way to overcome this is not to care. Why would you?


Being Too Successful

black and white, monochrome photography, album cover, teach, girls, Girls, you deserve to be successful, don't be scared 😱 of that. Be as successful as you can, own 🈶 it and you'll feel amazing afterward.


Fomo for Sure

black and white, black, person, photography, darkness, This is a newer fear that women 🎎 seem to have. Fomo is really the fear of missing out. It's something that I experience a lot – but I had to get over it. Live in the moment and don't worry about anything else.


Keeping up 👆 with the Trends

person, gentleman, profession, official, hate,, This is a hard one, especially when you think you are always behind the trend. Girls, remember, you are you and you don't need to be on 🔘 trend at any point ↖️ in your life.


Not Being Fashionable Enough

hair, pink, blond, hairstyle, beauty, Us girls 👭 constantly worry that we aren't going 👣 to be fashionable enough, I say, make your own 🈶 fashion 👚 and really understand what you like.


Upsetting Everyone else

entertainment, performing 🎭 arts, I'M, JUST, ABOUT, If you are the one 1️⃣ getting upset, why should it matter if you are upsetting everyone else? You need to do you first, remember that. Not everyone is going 👣 to accept 💯 everything you do.


Getting Feedback

black and white, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, brown hair, This is a hard one 1️⃣ for me, I take 🎬 it personally but remember, feedback is a gift. Take 🎬 it in stride and really understand it and make it your own.


Giving Feedback

Muy Mucho, much, more, comfortable, criticizing, This is another area that I struggle with, giving feedback to someone. I fumble my words and I tend to get nervous. Just stand strong ✊ and you'll do great!


Speaking 💬 up

black and white, person, monochrome photography, monochrome, film 🎥 noir, We should never be silenced, ever and I can promise, speaking up 🆙 isn't easy but it is worth it!


Talking 📱 on 🔛 the Phone

beauty, sense, screenshot, model, photo shoot, Ah, this is so me! I actually even hate 👎 ordering pizza, I think I am going 🆙 to sound 🔔 stupid. Truth be told, I still make my wife call ☎️ for a lot of things.


Being in a Group

person, There are some things that I hate 👎 and being in a group of people 🚸 is one 1️⃣ of them. Am I going 👣 to act stupid, am I going 👣 to be awkward? These are all questions that come up 👆 and I – force 💪 myself to go through it with anyway.



black, black and white, white, photograph, person, We all are scared 😰 of change but what you have to realize is that change is great. It's the way of the world, it's always going 👣 to happen, so embrace it.

So, now that you know some of the most common fears, what are some of the other ones? How do you conquer your fears? Share!

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