How to Meet Men if You're a Shy Girl ...

By Leiann

How to Meet Men if You're a Shy Girl ...

Amy North of gives tips in the below YouTube video on how to overcome shyness when looking for a man. Her video made quite good sense to me. I hope the video makes sense to you also!

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Get Yourself Known

She says that a shy woman should get involved in activities, like volunteering.



Show confidence! Smile! A smile can be contagious. He just might return the smile!


The Internet

If face-to-face is just too awkward at first, use the internet! Millions of women use e-mail!

These 3 little tips just might get you started on the path to freedom from being shy when seeking a man. This is the month of January... a new year full of possibilities and prospects. There is hope! Don't give up!

Good luck and thank you for watching!

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