How to Meet Men if You're a Shy Girl ...


How to Meet Men if You're a Shy Girl ...
How to Meet Men if You're a Shy Girl ...

Amy North of gives tips in the below YouTube video on how to overcome shyness when looking for a man. Her video made quite good sense to me. I hope the video makes sense to you also!

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Get Yourself Known

She says that a shy woman should get involved in activities, like volunteering.


Engage in community drives, join clubs that pique your interest, or attend events that align with your passions. By actively participating, you're more likely to meet men who share similar values and hobbies. Not only will this provide common ground for conversation, but it also increases your visibility in these social circles. Plus, as you regularly show up and contribute, your confidence will grow, making it easier to interact with new acquaintances, including potential suitors. Remember, the more you put yourself out there, the higher the chances of forming meaningful connections.



Show confidence! Smile! A smile can be contagious. He just might return the smile!


A genuine, warm smile is the perfect icebreaker. It lights up your face and makes you appear more approachable to others. It's a subtle gesture that sends a powerful message of friendliness without uttering a single word. Plus, when you smile, it naturally boosts your own mood, easing the nerves that can come with shyness. So, flash your best grin and let that be the invitation for a pleasant conversation. Who knows, that simple smile might be the start of a wonderful connection.


The Internet

If face-to-face is just too awkward at first, use the internet! Millions of women use e-mail!

These 3 little tips just might get you started on the path to freedom from being shy when seeking a man. This is the month of January... a new year full of possibilities and prospects. There is hope! Don't give up!

Good luck and thank you for watching!

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