7 Ways to Start to Value Yourself ...


7 Ways to Start to Value Yourself ...
7 Ways to Start to Value Yourself ...

Are you looking for ways to start to value yourself? In life, doesn’t it sometimes feel like you are trying so hard to get other people to value you, whether it be at work or in social circles or relationships, that you can often forget to actually value yourself? If you don’t truly value yourself, then your attempts to make others value you are going to seem hollow and half-hearted. And forgetting external factors, it is never good for your personal well being and mental health to have low self esteem and a poor sense of self value. To help you start to feel better about yourself, here are seven ways to start to value yourself.

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Stop Comparing

Stop looking at other people and finding ways in which their life is better than your own. First of all, you could be using that energy on yourself rather than others, and secondly, it is a trick of humanity that when we look to engage in this kind of exercise, we always end up choosing figures that are always going to compare as more superior, like rich celebrities and famous people!


Don’t Settle

Don’t settle in a job or a relationship that you are unhappy with; you are worth more than that. If your heart isn’t in something, it will start to permeate to all other areas of your life and make you a dissatisfied person. It might seem anxious and scary to try to alleviate your situation, but it’s so much better than settling and under valuing yourself.


Start Appreciating

Make the effort to start appreciating some of the smaller things in life and they will build up to giving you a much brighter and more positive outlook on the world. Appreciate your twenty minute lie in, appreciate your full fridge, appreciate your access to the Netflix, appreciate your best friends … all these and all other things that you might otherwise take for granted every day.


Healthy Relationships

Make the decision to cut out all of the toxic connections in your life, and work on fostering positive, healthy relationships instead. Sometimes familiarity can breed contempt. Just because you have been connected to someone for a long time, it doesn’t mean that they deserve your time if you don’t get anything out of the relationship. You deserve better then to be an afterthought.


Say No

You need to learn how to say no to people when they try to get you to do things that you don’t want to do. Not having the courage to go against someone else’s wishes is a classic sign of low self value. You need to put yourself first and starting living life your way, making decisions for yourself rather than for others.


Healthy Boundaries

There is nothing wrong with setting up defined boundaries in your life between yourself and others, it shows that you respect and value yourself enough to know exactly what you want and how you want to live. You can’t let people into your life who have no respect for these boundaries.


Trust Your Heart

When it comes to valuing yourself, your heart is always more in line with the truth than your head. Your mind might try to fool you into thinking that you aren’t good enough for something or can’t do it, but if you tune in to your heart instead, it will always be more positive.

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