How to Toughen up for People Who Are Very Sensitive ...


How to Toughen up for People Who Are Very Sensitive ...
How to Toughen up for People Who Are Very Sensitive ...

There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive. It’s a valuable human trait and indeed those who lack sensitivity are criticized for it. However, you can be too sensitive. Being too sensitive can stop you moving past obstacles, building strong relationships and achieving your goals. If you want to persevere in the face of obstacles and stand tall when people cut you down, and just want to be tougher, you need hone your best qualities and reduce your negativity. Are you ready to find out how?

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Stay Steady under Pressure

Pressure is supposed to be your friend. It makes diamonds or it crushes. Remember that pressure is self-imposed. You decide to be pressured. Take a step back and understand that the pressure you are feeling is only relative to what you think you are going to lose, but it's rarely that bad. The fear of loss shouldn’t force you to do things you don’t want to.


Let Go of Things That Don't Matter

It is hard to figure out what really matters until you lose it. Run scenarios in your head about losing things. Would it really be that bad if everybody at work discovered you are not as rich as you claim to be? How bad would it really be if you went out without makeup?


Cast Self-doubt Aside

Self-doubt is like a bag of bricks. You can choose to carry it around until the day you die, or you can set the bag of bricks down. Part of your problem may be that you care about what other people think. Maybe it is time to get over that feeling. Maybe the happiest and most free people in the world don’t care what other people are going to think of them.


Set Goals and Follow through with Them

Toughness is not defined by how you start, how you plan, or even how you fare. The tough ones are the ones that stick it out until the end. The tough ones are able to set goals and see them through to the end.


Bounce Back from Failures

Failures are the fertilizer from which you grow your fruit. You cannot achieve lasting success without knowing what failure is, and you will never survive unless you learn how to learn from it. Everything in your life should be a learning experience, and that is especially true when it comes to failure. People that are knocked over by failure are not weak, they are just quitters. They think that failure means they should stop, but it doesn’t. Failure means that you need to change your plan, alter your tactics and power ahead. If you burn your finger on the stove, do you stop using the stove? Or, do you learn from it and avoid burning yourself in the future?


Be Positive about Your Future

It will be better tomorrow so long as you work on today. People can be blindly positive about tomorrow, which makes them forget the consequences of today. Work on yourself today, and you can rest assured that tomorrow will be glorious.


Grow up - Nobody Said That Life Was Supposed to Be Easy

Life is not fair and it never will be, and people that tell you that life is supposed to be easy or full of happiness are lying to you in the worst way. You have a stark choice; you can be a victor or a victim. If you want to be a victim, keep going the way you are going. If you want to be a victor, then you have to come to terms with the fact some things in life are going to make you unhappy and cause you pain. You can learn from those experiences, or you let them ruin the happiness you have earned. The choice is yours.

You need mental and emotional toughness to succeed in this world but you need sensitivity too. The key is achieving the balance.

Do you think you are mentally tough enough for today’s challenges?

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Gr8 article.. Thanks

I think everyone has their days. Some more than others! Every girl (&guy; too) have their days where their self esteem feels low. I used to be really quiet and worried what ppl thought. But, as get older, it's not as bad as I used to be. Hang in there, we are all human!!

I really needed this, thank u

Thank you so much for this!!!

Someone please post: ways to tell a guy off when you are CLEARLY not interested but he is too slow and/or doesn't get it. Or an article about confrontation in general. Plz and thankyou!

I love the way this is written.

I am not too sensitive - but the advice seems useful.

Thanks for the article! Being an overconfident, strong & practical girl, I have reached a top level. Unfortunately my new boss who was himself a leader always put me down. This has led me being a very sensitive person!!! I seem to have lost the spirit of achieving more... Feeling so low!!! Pls advise

I have always been a sensitive person. My dad realised this when I was only a teen really I never shown it in everyday life as I also have this, can do anything attitude as well. But when he realised this sensitive side it was from being put down!! I was often put down and bullied for my differences from others. After this day my dad always said stay strong life is crazy and will always put you down but stay strong and you can achieve anything! He was right I've had some pretty bad times in my life so far but those words, "stay strong" has really kept me grounded and I've overcome a lot! It's funny the power of words if you constantly say it to yourself I believe it works!

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