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10 Positive Things to Say to Yourself on Your Bad Days ...

By Deeceebee

Here’s the thing, we all human, and every single one of us has bad days sometimes. You might not think it because everyone’s social media profiles only show them living their best lives, but underneath it all, we can all have a wobble now and then! The test of character doesn’t come in the down time that you experience, it is in the way that you pick yourself back up. Here are ten positive things to say to yourself on bad days.

1 This is Temporary

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this world lasts forever, so you just need to tell yourself that when you are feeling low, you aren’t going to be feeling that way for very long. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

2 What is Meant for You Won’t Pass

If something is meant to be in your life, then it is going to happen at some point. You don’t have to punish yourself for missed opportunities because it is highly likely that you will get them in some form again.

3 Things Will Work out

Sometimes you just have to put your faith in the process and accept that even though things might not be going in the way that you wanted or expected them to, they will still turn out will for you in the end.

4 You Will Get There

It might take longer than you expected it to, or take more time than you were anticipating, but you are going to get there in the end. The end always justifies the journey!

5 You Are Good Enough

No matter what anyone else tries to tell you, and no matter how you feel when you compare yourself to other people, you are good enough. Your mind might try to trick you in to thinking that you aren’t up to scratch, but just trust that you are!

6 Your Life Will Be Different This Time Next Year

When things feel like they are crashing down around you in the moment, just take some time to consider the fact that your life will be much better and so different this time next year. Your hard work is going to pay off in a big way.

7 It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

We waste a lot of time chasing perfection when the truth is that not everything has to be that way. Don’t beat yourself up because your life isn’t perfect right now; just try to be grateful for the things that you do have.

8 Achievements Don’t Matter

It doesn’t matter than your friends or siblings might have achieved more than you at this point in your life. We all end up the same way at the end of our journeys, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

9 You Can Change Your Environment

If you are in the middle of a bad situation, there is nothing to say that you have to stay there! Be brave and remove yourself from the environment that is making you feel so bad.

10 Small Things Matter

Not everything in your life has to be big and exciting. You are allowed to be content with small achievements and little victories. Anything positive is a good thing!

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