Tough Challenges to Set for Yourself if You Aspire to Go Big ...


Tough Challenges to Set for Yourself if You Aspire to Go Big  ...
Tough Challenges to Set for Yourself if You Aspire to Go Big  ...

If you crave to be successful in the game of life, you have to have dreams and you have to have goals. Goals should stretch you, otherwise there’s no true reward. Set yourself some really tough goals and the rewards are sky high. Challenge yourself and you can change your life for the better.

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Always Question Everything

person, Yeah,, have, lot, questions, Never be satisfied with just knowing the small amount of stuff that you already know. If you truly want to better yourself, you should be inquisitive about every little thing that happens in the world. The more you ask questions and the more you fill the holes in your knowledge, the more you will grow as a person.


Be an Honest Person

library, book, I'm, just, honest., You might already think that you are an honest person, but take a moment to think about all the little white lies that you tell on a regular basis to colleagues, friends and family. Though they might not be malicious, they are lies nonetheless, so set yourself the challenge of eradicating that trait in your personality and try to be completely honest.


Wake up Early in the Morning

hair, human hair color, human action, blond, person, For somebody who has made it their mission to ‘go big’, days are way too precious and important to be wasting half of them in bed! If you make the effort to curtail your morning lie-ins by even 30 minutes, you will be surprised by how much more you can pack in to a single day.


Be Strict with Your Expenses

Now,, walk, away, strong, and, Part of being able to go big in life is being comfortable in your financial situation and not having to worry about it all the time. To gain some of this comfort you need to be really strict with yourself about your budget and refrain from overspending when you know you should be saving for a future treat instead.


Improve Your Diet

hair, hairstyle, long hair, Going big in life requires you to be as healthy as you can be, and this can start from cutting out a lot of the bad foods in your diet and replacing them with good ones. With practically all foods available at all times throughout the year now, there is no excuse for not making an effort to eat healthily! It’s not just about cutting out the sugar and the saturated fat, it’s also about replacing those with foods full of nutrients that are going to make you’re a healthier and stronger person. The best way to so this is to start preparing your own food rather than relying on processed meals and eating out.


Set an Almost Impossible Goal and Achieve It

Webhallen, person, speech, CHALLENGE, ACCEPTED, Well, I did say these were tough challenges to set yourself. What do you wish you could do that you can't now? Is there something that holds you back? Your toughest challenge will be totally personal to you - it might be anything from getting a new job, setting up a business to overcoming the fear of public speaking. Go for it. Go for it big. Once you achieve an almost impossible goal, you'll never be daunted by anything again and the boost to your self esteem is immense.


Overcome a Bad Habit

speech, screenshot, preacher, did, it!, This is always a challenge but you formed the habit, so you can unform it. It needs a positive mindset and a plan (see here The Fool-Proof 💡 Method for Breaking a Bad Habit 🚬 for People Who've Tried Everything 😖 ... @Lauren). If you don't have anything you would consider to be a bad habit, set yourself to work on something you don't do well, or cultivate a new good habit.

To avoid being bogged down by the weight of your new ambitions; take it one step at a time, making the effort to master one thing before moving on the next. For example, if you want to learn both guitar and piano, become proficient in one before even touching the other! Don’t hold yourself back in the goals that you want to achieve. As long as you have the willpower and the dedication, you can achieve anything you want to, so don’t let society or people around you tell you otherwise!

Reach for the stars!

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