What You Should do Differently in New Year ...


What You Should do Differently in New Year ...
What You Should do Differently in New Year ...

No matter how much fun you had this year, you need to aim to make the next year even better. There's always room for improvement. Here are a few things you should do differently this year:

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Look at Yourself Differently

We all have our own "flaws." However, it's up to you to stop considering them flaws. You're a beautiful woman, even if you don't see yourself that way. That's why you need to stop criticizing yourself whenever you look in the mirror and start complimenting yourself. If you don't have anything nice to say, then walk away from that mirror before you can torture yourself.


Talk to Different People

You shouldn't dump your friends. You should just put yourself out there more. Talk to other students in class. Ask your coworker out for coffee. Find more people to text, to talk to, and to hang out with on weekends. It'll make life feel a whole lot brighter.


Listen to Different Music

The right music can make your day. That's why you should go on a mission to find a few new bands to listen to. As much as you love listening to songs from years ago, they can get tiring. You'll feel more upbeat if you can find something new to listen to to shake up your routine.


Wake up at a Different Time

No one is happy with their sleep schedule. Maybe you want to get an extra hour of sleep, so that you stop dozing off during class. Maybe you know you should cut back on an hour of sleep, so that you have more time in the day to be productive. Change your sleep schedule in a way that will benefit you.


Eat Different Foods

Pretty much everyone's New Year's resolution is going to be to lose weight or get healthier. In order to do that, you're going to have to change your diet. You'll have to say goodbye to some of the foods that you know and love, and you're going to have to start experimenting with new foods you've never tried before. You never know, you could find something just as delicious as dessert that's actually good for you.


Use Different Words

We all fall into habits, even when it comes to speaking. That's why it's time to stop using the words that you find yourself sticking into every other sentence. Pick up a dictionary, flip through it for a bit, and find replacement words that you could use instead. The more vocabulary words rattling around in your brain, the smarter you'll end up sounding.


Date Different Types of People

If you can't seem to find a boyfriend that sticks, then you should try dating different types of people. Don't go for that sexy bad boy when you've already dated a handful of them who have each broken your heart. Try going out with someone you never thought you'd get along with. You could end up finding out that he's the type that's really right for you.

No matter how much you loved 2018, you don't want to live this year exactly the same as you lived the last. There's always room for improvement. What other things are you planning on doing differently in 2019?

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Cool dude 😎

So awesome!!! I want to date different people, from other cultures. I think that's exciting !!!

Good things to change some habits . Thanks for sharing

Will try😃

That's very true👌 I like it


Get rid of awful so called friends

Thank you so much for this . Some of these are exactly what I need to do

Actually try to get friends or be around those who have time for you.

Will try thank you so much

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