8 Ways to Start Your Day off Right ...


8 Ways to Start Your Day off Right ...
8 Ways to Start Your Day off Right ...

Nothing makes me start my day off wrong worse than waking up late, so sometimes I need to be reminded of ways to start your day off right, despite circumstances such as a missed alarm tone. The morning time is the best way to set the tone for your whole day. Certain choices you make during this time can either drain or enhance your energy, mood, and productivity during the day. Here are my favorite ways to start your day off right, so you don't find yourself in a tizzy over the small things or big things, such as burning your clothes with the iron or spilling your breakfast in a hurry. I speak from personal experience on both of those ladies, so I’m not judging anyone!

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Get Moving

Get Moving One of the best ways to start your day off right is to get moving. Yes, I’m talking about exercise here. It is so easy for me to linger in bed “for just five more minutes” as I tell myself. Then, before I know it, I’m an hour behind and stressed out like someone the first day of a new job! Eliminate the stress and just get outta bed already! I hop on my treadmill or immediately head outside for an easy but productive walk, followed by 10 minutes, or more if I have time, of stretching and yoga. This relaxes me, gets my blood pumping, keeps my waistline in check, and makes me feel more confident in my job, home and with everyone around me all day long. It isn’t easy to do, but once you start, you’ll quickly see benefits and become addicted to the positive energy it brings.


Write down Your Thoughts

Write down Your Thoughts Many people write down their thoughts, prayers or to-do lists at night before bed, but that can create stress and disrupt your sleep if you’re having a tough time or have a lot on your agenda. Instead, take 5-10 minutes when you first wake up or while you’re having breakfast to jot down your thoughts and to-do list for the day. If you’re using this time to write out your prayers I recommend doing it when you first wake up, which is important to do in the quiet and will help create a sense of calm before you even jump out of bed. This allows you to be in tune with what you’re concerned about and what your day entails before you leave your house. You’ll feel more put-together all day long and won’t have to worry about forgetting that 3 p.m. appointment or that you need to stop for milk on the way home. I find this especially helpful for reminding me to call someone on their birthday!


Eat Breakfast

Eat Breakfast Please, for the love of your mind and body, do not leave the house without putting some food into your beautiful self! Seriously ladies, we need fuel to provide us the ability to be our smart, confident and energized selves. The right breakfast can do that. I’m not talking about eating a huge bowl of kid-flavored cereal either. Save that for a fun night in with the girls! For breakfast, have some substantial protein, complex carbs and a little healthy fat to get you started right. This leaves your brain and body primed for your day. It also spikes your metabolism, keeps your blood sugar from tempting you to reach for donuts or rely on coffee all day, fuels weight loss, and prevents depression. Great examples are an omelet with veggies and fruit, Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, a green smoothie with your favorite protein powder and coconut oil, or a fruit smoothie with protein powder and some chia or flax seeds. If you’re a busy lady, I especially would emphasize trying a smoothie. You can blend in 2 minutes and drink it in the car or during your commute if it comes down to it. You can also freeze and make them ahead and thaw on the counter while you get ready and workout. By the time you leave, it will be ready to drink!


Be Grateful

Be Grateful Even on my worst days, I try to find something small to be grateful for. This keeps my negative energy away and provides me with the reminder that something in my life is good and worth appreciating. This can be something as simple as appreciating you have a roof over your head, or appreciating you have a job to go to, even if you hate the job you’re in. You can even take it further and be grateful for the small things such as your favorite blouse you get to wear or how much you really love your coffee. Or, perhaps it is the way the sun looks on your morning commute or how much you love the way the skyline looks on your morning run. Mine is simply the way the sun comes through my living room window and how my dog knows when it's time for me to eat breakfast so she can have a bite. The idea is to pick anything to make you smile, but just pick something! Gratefulness is an art we can all learn to master when we simply take a moment to try.


Simplify Your Outfit

Simplify Your Outfit There’s no need in stressing yourself out over which necklace to wear, or how much you need a different handbag. Stick with simple when it comes to your morning outfit. Pick a cute blouse of a bright color, pair it with a cardigan or scarf of a basic tone such as black, tan or white, and pair it with a simple skirt or pants. Keep three basic pairs of earrings that match everything and just grab one and go. I also like to keep my fancy jewelry for the weekends when I have more time to put thought into it, and keep the basics for my work week. This takes away the stress, but still allows me to look like a lady who knows how to dress during the work week.


Have Your Bags Packed

Have Your Bags Packed One thing I find helpful to make mornings easier is to already have my bags, such as a work-bag, and my keys all together and packed with what I need for the day. These two things stay in the same place at all times in my home and I never go to bed without making sure they have everything I need in them. This allows me more time in the morning to put a lunch together if I didn’t the night before, or to spend 10 extra minutes on my morning walk. It is also great for those times you’re running out the door late, which I tend to be great at unfortunately.


Be Positive

Be Positive This one is not always easy because it takes a lot of practice. Try with all your might to be positive about your day. No, you don’t know what it will bring yet, and there is a chance something may not go perfectly, but being positive and telling yourself that you can handle anything that comes your way can really be a great way to start off your day. Give yourself some credit; you’re stronger than you think you are. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for too. You can conquer whatever the day brings, so be positive and keep that in your head all morning. At the end of the day, you’ll be thankful you did, trust me!


Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button Of course, this one comes from experience and is very important! Don’t forget to set the alarm or three if you need to and please don’t hit the snooze button. Just get up! You’re torturing yourself with that snooze button. Instead set your digital alarm and your cell phone alarm. Make each of them very loud and when they go off, just get up. That way, the hardest part is over!

Alright ladies, I want to hear your favorite ways to start your day off right! What gets you moving and started for a productive and positive day? Share your ideas with me so I can get in on the action too!

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