20 Life Lessons Only Our Moms Could Have Taught Us ...

If you think about it, plenty of the knowledge that we possess today has not only come from our own experiences in life, but also from the ladies that have raised us and given us there support through everything we do and achieve! That's right, I'm talking about the lovely mothers of the world. Now we're going to take a moment to reflect on just a few of the many things we've learned from our mothers, which has helped shaped us into the person we are today!

Below are fantastic pieces of advice on life, style and career, as told by Britco.com employees, as they each share one important and meaningful life lesson they've learned from their mothers.

1. A Catchphrase for Making Decisions

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“My Mom’s Catch Phrase for Us Growing up Was, ‘Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.’ She Always Encouraged Us to Be Thoughtful about when to Say Yes or No, How We Spend Our Money and How to Make Sure We Weren’t Taking Advantage of Others.” — Cecelia Cox, Head of Marketing

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