20 Life Lessons Only Our Moms Could Have Taught Us ...


20 Life Lessons Only Our Moms Could Have Taught Us ...
20 Life Lessons Only Our Moms Could Have Taught Us ...

If you think about it, plenty of the knowledge that we possess today has not only come from our own experiences in life, but also from the ladies that have raised us and given us there support through everything we do and achieve! That's right, I'm talking about the lovely mothers of the world. Now we're going to take a moment to reflect on just a few of the many things we've learned from our mothers, which has helped shaped us into the person we are today!

Below are fantastic pieces of advice on life, style and career, as told by Britco.com employees, as they each share one important and meaningful life lesson they've learned from their mothers.

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A Catchphrase for Making Decisions

screenshot, driving, “My Mom’s Catch Phrase for Us Growing up Was, ‘Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.’ She Always Encouraged Us to Be Thoughtful about when to Say Yes or No, How We Spend Our Money and How to Make Sure We Weren’t Taking Advantage of Others.” — Cecelia Cox, Head of Marketing


Everything is a Negotiation

person, official, speech, “My Mom Always Started with ‘no’ so We Would Have to Negotiate Our Way to ‘yes’. She Told Us That if We Stopped at No We Really Didn’t Want the Yes to Begin with. I Have Taken That Advice with Me on Every Deal I Have Ever Negotiated.” — Nicole Emanuel, CFO


Don't Forget the Importance of Shoes

footwear, black, white, black and white, photograph, “‘The Shoes Make the Outfit.’ Good Advice, Even Though She and I Have VASTLY Different Opinions on What Kinds of Shoes Should Make That Outfit ;) — Kelli Korducki, Sr. News Editor


Do What You Love

face, nose, mouth, finger, organ, “Make Sure That What You Are Doing is Fun Because when the Work Becomes Demanding, You Want to Know at Your Core That on the Whole You Are Having a Good Time.” — Cameron Rivinus, VP of Commerce


Dress to Impress

white, photograph, clothing, black and white, dress, “My Mom (along with Catherine Zeta Jones) Says, ‘You Never Know when You’ll Meet the Queen.’ Meaning, when You Leave the House, Always Try to Look Nice Because You Never Know Who You Might Run into.” — Alex Plante, Brand Partnerships Manager


Maintain Your Appearance

hair, human hair color, blond, hairstyle, long hair, “Never Leave the House with Chipped Nails. It’ll Make You Look Careless No Matter How Cute the Rest of the Outfit is.” — Jillienne Grant, Brand Partnerships Manager


Moderation is a Must

human action, person, mouth, interaction, screenshot, “My Mom’s Life Anthem is Basically ‘Everything in Moderation.’ She’s Been Saying It My Whole Life!” — Michaela Friedman, Brand Partnership Planner


Always Be Prepared

hair, blond, hairstyle, “Always Keep a Cardigan or Shawl on Your Chair at Work for when It Gets Cold!” — Annie Kubena, Designer


Explore Your Options

sky, reflection, cloud, morning, shape, “My Momma Always Told Me to Try Everything and Anything My Heart Was Called to. when I Wanted to Be a Fashion Designer, She Bought Me a Sewing Machine. when I Wanted to Be a Photographer, She Helped Me Get a Camera. when I Wanted to Become a Makeup Artist, She Sent Me to Beauty School. the True Unconditional Support and Love for Any Path, No Matter What I Desired, She Encouraged Me to Find My Truth Even if I Didn’t Follow through All the Way on Everything. It Allowed Me to Get to Where I Am Today :) and I’m Happy.” — Misty Spinney, Beauty Editor + Stylist


Comfort is Key

hair, face, nose, blond, beauty, “My Mom Always Told Me to Be Comfortable in My Skin and My Clothes and I’ll Look My Best!” — Terri Hintz, Brand Partnerships Director – West


Go the Extra Mile

person, singing, speech, singer, “My Mom Always Told Me to Go above and beyond Because Almost Everyone Meets Standard Expectations. Meeting Expectations is a C in School. to Get an a You Have to Take That Extra Step. It’s That Certain Something — a Sparkle, a Drive, a Passion — That Allows People to Remember You and Sets You Apart from the Rest.” — Ashley Perlman, Sr. Brand Partnership Planner


Always Have Style

jewellery, bracelet, fashion accessory, chain, hand, “Wear Classics and Add Flair with Your Accessories.” — Paige Sager, Brand Partnership Planner


The Best Approaches in Life

person, woman, mouth, leg, sense, “It’s Better to Be Overdressed than Underdressed!” — Caitlin Silva, Customer Service Specialist


Where There's a Will There's a Way

musician, music, singing, drummer, guitarist, “I’ve Wanted to Be a Writer since I Was Eight Years Old, but when I Was a Junior in College, I Had a Quarter-life Crisis as an English Major Because I Didn’t Think I Would Ever Be Able to Support Myself. I Considered Becoming a Lawyer Instead, but My Mom Told Me, ‘You Always Wanted to Be a Writer, so That’s What You Should Be. There Will Always Be a Way to Make Money.’” — Kimberly Wang, News Editor


Let Style Improve Your Mood

art, statue, sculpture, “My Mom is a Big Fan of Color in Her Wardrobe. She Always Encouraged Me and My Sister to ‘dress Bright’ Because It Can Easily Lift Your Mood if You’re in Something Bright and Cheery versus Dark and Gloomy (though I do Have a Ton of Slimming Black in My Closet)! Case in Point: I Rocked a Bright Yellow Dress and Yellow Rain Boots on a Dreadfully Rainy Spring Day in Chicago a Few Weeks Ago. Everyone I Encountered Gave Me a Big Smile as I Trudged around the City. (Even Folks at Airport Security Couldn’t Help but Smile and Comment on My Sunny Ensemble Later That Day!)” — Tammy Evrard, Brand Partnerships Manager


Be a Great Role Model

singing, “Read to Your Child Everyday, Go to the Park, Museum or Library and Model Good Eating Habits and Manners. Also, Hug Your Child!” — Kelly Bryden, DIY Designer


Make a Good Impression

hair, face, person, man, male, “Show Respect, Work Hard and Always Be Kind. Create the Job You Want and Invest in Shoes and Makeup.” — Casey Richards, Assistant Buyer and Operations


Take Good Care of Yourself

face, black and white, person, nose, head, “Always Stay Hydrated.” — Marisa Kumtong, Designer


Enjoy the Joyful Ride That is Life

entertainment, “My Mom Always Tells Me Not to Worry about the Destination but Enjoy the Journey.” — Tania Gandhe, Engineer


Find Your Own Destiny

blond, mouth, singer, finger, “Own What You do and Find Your Purpose.” — Anita Yung, Creative Project Manager

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