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How to Simply and Selflessly Bring Joy to Others ...

By Alicia

There are many simple ways to bring joy to others. Doing things to make other people happy is a selfless act. You could choose to do this for many people in your life, including your partner, family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors. If you want to brighten someone else’s day, try one of these ways to bring joy to others.

1 Spend Time with Them

One of the best ways to bring joy to others is to spend time with them. This is a very unselfish thing to do. It requires that you give something else up to accomplish this. It may or may not feel like a sacrifice to you. Either way, it is something they will be grateful for.

2 Bake Them Something

Is there anyone that doesn’t love home baked goodies? Nothing says that you care and want to spread some cheer like something homemade. Cookies, cakes, pies and more all send this message loud and clear. Any kind of home baked goodie is wonderful but it is even better if you know what their favorites are. That makes it extra special.

3 Send a Card

Sending a card to someone is a very thoughtful thing to do. Sometimes cards can say what we can’t find the words for on our own. Whether it is simply a card to say you are thinking of them or you're supporting them through a difficult time, it is sure to bring joy to their day. A card is also something the recipient can keep and look back on. It is a reminder of your kindness.

4 Compliment Them

A compliment is something that everyone appreciates, don’t they? Think about how good it makes you feel when someone compliments you. Yes, this is a small thing but it certainly brings joy to others. Give someone a genuine compliment and you have just given their day a nudge in the right direction. They will feel really good about themselves.

5 Give Them a Small Gift

Sometimes you see something that makes you think of someone when you are out shopping. When this happens to me, I think of it as a sign that maybe I am supposed to get it for that person. Usually when you do, it becomes something that person really treasures. Even if it is something as small as a notepad or a bookmark, it lets them know they were on your heart. This is how it brings joy to them.

6 Be Their Encourager

We all feel discouraged at times. If someone you care about is going through a difficult time, be their encourager. Be there for them. Encourage them and tell them you believe in them. It is very powerful when someone believes in you, especially if it comes at a time you don’t particularly believe in yourself.

7 Be Flexible

Being flexible doesn’t sound like a way you can bring joy to others but it is. Dealing with someone who is difficult to work with doesn’t make anyone happy. Try to be flexible and give others some grace. Be understanding if they need to change plans or things didn’t go as anticipated. This is something that will return to you in the form of good karma.

There are tons of ways that you can bring joy to others. What are some of your favorite ways? Share them here!

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