Perfect Tips on How to Stop Apologizing All the Time ...


Perfect Tips on How to Stop Apologizing All the Time ...
Perfect Tips on How to Stop Apologizing All the Time ...

Learning how to stop apologising all the time is a skill every girl should have. If there is one thing that many of us would like to remove from our personalities, it is the annoying tendency to constantly apologise for things that either were not our fault at all or didn’t require any kind of apology in the first place. Apologising in and of itself isn’t a bad thing at all. It shows a great kind of humility, but when it becomes something of a habit that can’t be stopped, then it might be time to start trying to address it. If you are the kind of person who always finds yourself offering an apology as the easiest way to sort out any kind of minor conflict, then read through this helpful list. It will show you how to stop apologising all the time.

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Don’t Be Sorry

There is refusing to apologise even when you know you should, and then there is actually training yourself not to be sorry for things that are out of your control. The former is a bad trait to have, but the latter is something you should be striving for! Don’t be afraid of being perceived as rude, especially when you are doing or saying something that you believe to be right. There is a difference between being self-assured and being rude, and you should be aiming to be self-assured and not saying sorry every time you have an opinion that might be slightly different from the status quo, or that is at odds with the views of the person you’re talking to. There's your best answer for how to stop apologising all the time.


Wait a Second

The urge to say sorry within seconds of doing or saying something is almost unstoppable, but you need to try to wait it out. Give a situation a second or two to see how it settles on your company before you go straight to the apology. By doing this, you might find that the things that you have always gone straight to an apology for are not actually that big of a deal, and people are perfectly happy to move on without even addressing it!


Vocalise Your Thoughts

Rather than opting for a quick sorry and moving on from a situation as fast as possible, spend some time trying to collect and vocalise your thoughts because this will always produce a more productive and satisfying outcome. Instead of “I’m sorry but I’m not coming”, go for “I’ve decided I don’t want to come, and here are the reasons why”.


Don’t Beat Yourself up

Most of the time when you are apologising for everything, you are actually apologising to yourself for a number of spoken and unspoken reasons. Don’t beat yourself up about having certain views or feeling certain ways. It isn’t something you need to be sorry about, and the more carefree of an attitude you have toward life, the less you will find that you have to keep saying sorry for absolutely nothing. Try to get rid of that self-doubt that clouds your judgment, and work toward having courage in your convictions.

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