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7 Things Every Woman Should Be Thankful for ...

By Tara

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we don’t have and what we want that we forget to be thankful for all that we have. As women we have our times of the month when hormones can get the best of us or maybe you exhibit more sensitivity than the opposite gender. But let me share with you why you should not cry, you have so many things to be thankful for. Just open your eyes to your world of greatness, beauty and amazement. And enjoy each day! Need a reminder of what you should be thankful for, ladies? Then read on and I will share these gifts you already possess and be thankful! Here are my top things every woman should be thankful for.

1 Your Beautiful Womanly Body

hair, face, blond, human hair color, chin, Your beautiful curves from head to toe are part of simply being female. And every curve is there for a reason from your chest to feed your offspring, hips to bear children and essential curves in the right places so you can have children, if you choose to one day! You are beautiful lady so embrace your curves!

2 The Ability to Give Life

, Just being a woman you have the ability to give life and have your own children. If you choose to have children what day, it is a sheer miracle. This is something every woman should be thankful for. What a blessing and joy children are! And as a mom of three, I speak from experience there is anything more amazing than bringing a child into this world!

3 Your Sensitivity

fashion, girl, night, event, socialite, If you are sensitive and find yourself crying at sentimental movies and gifts, I can relate because I am the exact same in this regard. Sometimes I hear a song that moves me, my eyes swell up and a few tears are shed. Ladies, if you are like me, no need to be embarrassed because this makes you special and caring.

4 Your Compassion

hairstyle, girl, As you see someone in cancer treatment in line at the store, you can’t help but tear it up. It tears you up to just imagine what they are going through. After you leave and go home, this image of pain is engrained in your head. You just wish you could solve their pain and take away their sickness. Girls, if you can relate, then you are compassionate. Do not hide this because this is the ability to feel for others so be thankful for this gift and use it to help others.

5 Patience

vocal coach, television program, singer, music artist, girl, As your significant other asks you for help you exhibit patience. Patience is a virtue. As a mom my patience is often tested but more often than not I demonstrate this in my actions. Be thankful for your patience and use this as a strength to guide in warding off anxiety and accomplishing more!

6 Your Friends and Family

human hair color, blond, socialite, girl, See all those friends and family you are surrounded by each and every day! They are pretty amazing because of how devoted they are to you and you are to them. Be thankful for your friends and family. Show them gratitude and be there when they need you and even when they do not. Ladies you have a network that is there for you so give thanks for this!

7 Today

performance, singer, muscle, pop music, song, Each and every day is a gift. Every day you wake up is another opportunity to make a difference. Just opening your eyes is a blessing because you are alive. And each day you have a chance to give back to others and make changes to better your community. So live for each day with gratitude and you will be blessed!

So with so many reasons to give thanks, tell me what are you most thankful for? I am thankful for my friends, family, health and the amazing people that I meet each and every day!

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