Reasons to Stop Judging Your Emotions and Start Accepting Them ...


Reasons to Stop Judging Your Emotions and Start Accepting Them ...
Reasons to Stop Judging Your Emotions and Start Accepting Them ...

Emotions. We all have them, we all experience them, and very few of us are able to control them and the way that they come out! But it's time to find reasons to stop judging your emotions.

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves and find it very difficult to keep from sharing their emotions with the rest of the world, while others choose to be much more reserved and keep their feeling to themselves. No matter how you choose to show your emotions, the fact of the matter is that you can’t stop yourself from feeling them in the first place. In order to not get so hung up and agitated about something that you don’t have the power to control, here are a handful of reasons to stop judging your emotions.

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Part of You

At the deepest human level, your emotions are one of the most important parts that make you who you are. If you deny yourself the chance to feel and express your true emotions, then you are simply denying your true self the chance to shine and flourish. Suppressing such an integral part of your personality can only lead to negative results like depression and anxiety. Keep reading for more reasons to stop judging your emotions.



Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, we are just animals with instincts like the rest of the wider kingdom! Do you have a pet? Imagine if they suddenly became completely docile and didn’t show any kind of emotion towards you? You would think that something was wrong, right? The same principle goes for human beings. Emotion is natural and it should be encouraged rather than suppressed.


It Allows Healing

If you have been hurt by a life event, the only way that you can begin to heal yourself is by laying all your emotions out on the table to sift through and evaluate. If you keep your feelings deep down inside, nothing constructive can come from such suppression, and you will be more likely to never be able to move on from whatever it was that negatively affected you. Emotions are powerful, so harness yours in a positive and productive way.


Creative Spark

Think about all of the greatest achievements and works of various artists throughout history: do you think any of those things were achieved by people who hid their emotions? Absolutely not! Your emotions are what drive your creativity, so by denying yourself the right to express them, you are denying your creative side its chance to shine. Whether they are happy emotions or sad emotions, you have to let yourself feel and indulge them in order to find that creative spark that you have been looking for.


Judging Yourself Can Compound Negativity

By chastising yourself for feeling a certain way about a certain topic, you are only going to create a whole host of further negative emotions relating, not only to the original problem but the way that you have chosen to deal with it. If you commit to removing the stigma of showing emotion, you might find that you are able to handle emotional experiences in a much healthier and more mature way.

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