Inspiring Ways for Girls to Be the Superhero in Their Own Story ...


Inspiring Ways for Girls to Be the Superhero in Their Own Story ...
Inspiring Ways for Girls to Be the Superhero in Their Own Story ...

Every superhero has a special power or strength. But of course this is fantasy. Real humans cannot fly using webs, have x-ray vision or stop bullets with steel bracelets. But strength of character - another essential quality of a superhero - is attainable by mere mortals. Here’s how – and you don’t need to be able to leap over tall buildings …

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Mental Strength

Mental Strength One of the best ways to become your own superhero is take a step back from your everyday life and actually assess the current state of your mental strength. Are you comfortable with the way that your life is going? Do your current choices make you a happy and content person? If you find that you are not being as mentally strong and don’t have as much conviction as you wish you had, then you can start seeking ways to change this behavior in order to be a mentally stronger and happier person all round.


Identify Your Powers

Identify Your Powers Every single human being on the earth has skills and talents that make then shine over others. The key to unlocking the superhero within you is to identify these skills and utilize them to the best of your ability. Whether it is a talent with children or a skill for numbers, the first step is owning your best qualities and using them to your benefit.


Identify Weaknesses

Identify Weaknesses Equally, alongside identifying your powers, you should make the effort to look inside yourself and identify the weaknesses that you have. Knowing exactly what these weaknesses are means that you can make better choices going forward to try to avoid having them exposed. That is exactly what all of the very best superheroes do as part of their own journey!


Listen to Yourself

Listen to Yourself If you are feeling unsatisfied or stuck in your current life situation, you need to really listen to what your body and mind are trying to tell you, and make an effort to work to change your life to bring harmony to all aspects of your personality. It might be plucking up the courage to end a healthy relationship or finally committing to following that dream that you thought was unachievable. Anything is possible for a superhero!


Embrace Negativity

Embrace Negativity Another of the key ways to become your own superhero is, instead of running away from any potential conflict and shying away from anything that might be difficult, embrace any negativity that might arise in your life and use it as fuel to make the necessary changes to create a better environment for yourself. After all, there is a reason that all superheroes have to fight the villain to come out better on the other side!


Gather Your Weapons

Gather Your Weapons This doesn’t necessarily mean being on guard at all times for potential conflict, but more the process of identifying your strong points and your allies for any occasion where you might need to defend yourself at short notice. It’s always empowering knowing exactly what and how you can turn to when the going gets tough.


Keep Your Principles

Keep Your Principles You know what the common theme between all great superheroes is? They stick to their principles and don’t change their morals and values for anybody. If you can stay true to your own principles in times of trouble then people will find it very hard to upset or unsettle you.

I’m a superhero. Well I try very hard to be. Do you?

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