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7 Inspiring Quotes about the Universe ...

By Holly

The universe is a massive place, but that doesn't make our life on this planet it any less impressive. It's amazing that we're lucky enough to walk, breathe, and just survive here. You should appreciate every second of your time spent on this planet, because life is truly a gift. Here are some of the most inspirational quotes about the universe to get you thinking:

1 A Purpose for All People

A Purpose for All PeopleYou should never trick yourself into believing that your life is meaningless. You're a valuable human being who has a purpose in life. You might not know what it is at this exact moment in time, but you'll figure it out eventually. Everyone on the planet has a place to fill. You didn't get dropped here by mistake.

2 Cater to Your Corner

Cater to Your CornerThe universe is so massive that it's difficult for us to comprehend it. That's why you should never focus on making the entire world or galaxy a better place. It's a good goal to have, but you need to focus on yourself first. You need to think about your own life before you think about everyone else's.


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3 It's on Your Side

It's on Your SideWhenever something goes wrong in your life, you shouldn't mope about how the entire world is against you. It isn't. Sure, bad things are going to happen to you, but good things will also happen. The universe wants you to succeed, so keep trying your best. Your future will hold great things if you keep thinking positively.

4 Can't Control It All

Can't Control It AllThere are certain things that are beyond your control. If a storm is coming toward your town, you can stock up on food and bolt your windows, but you can't control nature. There are some things that you just have to let happen, whether you like it or not. You have power to change your own life, but you have to let go of the reigns when it comes to other things.

5 Always Giving Gifts

Always Giving GiftsThe things that you consider horrible aren't always as bad as they seem. Sure, breaking up with your boyfriend is rough now, but it's teaching you valuable lessons about love, trust, and friendship. Stop looking at everything bad as a curse and start thinking of it as a gift in disguise.

6 Lessen Your Loneliness

Lessen Your LonelinessIt can be scary to think about how huge the universe really is. However, it shouldn't make you feel like a meaningless speck. You should feel special for getting the opportunity to see such beautiful sights. Look up at the stars or walk down the street to look at nature--it's all beautiful and you get a front row seat to it all!

7 Eliminate Limitations

Eliminate LimitationsSociety convinces us that we're only capable of achieving certain things. However, that's just not true. You can be whatever you want to be. You're not limited, so never stop yourself from trying something that would make you happy, because you assume that you'll never succeed. You need to at least give it a shot. The universe would want you to.

The universe isn't something that we usually talk about or even think about, but it's part of our everyday lives. Without it, we'd be nothing at all. What other quotes about the universe inspire you?

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