What Each Zodiac Secretly Desires in One Word ...

By Melly

What Each Zodiac Secretly Desires in One Word ...

Humans are complicated creatures who have complicated wants and needs, and this is definitely the case when you start getting into deepest desires! You might think that your own secret desire is something that is completely unique to you, but have you ever taken a second the consider that these kinds of preferences might be determined by something as universal as the month in which you were born? Here is what each zodiac sign secretly desires in one single word!

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1 Aries


You are not happy unless you are being surprised and tested with excitement at every single turn.

2 Taurus


You wouldn’t call yourself a gold digger, but you certainly wouldn’t ever entertain the thought of messing with any broke gentleman!

3 Gemini


You need to be stimulated mentally just as much as physically, so you need somebody who is as intelligent as you are to keep up with you.

4 Cancer


You want any relationship you have to feel like a real partnership, finding somebody who will be your best friend as well as your lover. Kinship is what you seek more than anything else.

5 Leo


You have a tendency to have low self-esteem, so what you desire most in the world is to have someone who adores you and worships the ground you walk on.

6 Virgo


You are a very sensitive soul who desires somebody who is going to have understanding and compassion for your varied and prominent feelings.

7 Libra


You are the definition of low maintenance, which means that all you want is somebody who is going to provide you with the kind of peaceful tranquillity that you crave on a daily basis.

8 Scorpio


If there is no fire and lust, then you simply aren’t interested! Passion is the most important thing to you when it comes to making a connection with a new partner.

9 Sagittarius


You like to feel loved and wanted, so what you desire more than anything is devotion from your partner. Complete and utter devotion.

10 Capricorn


You are very sensitive to change and upheaval, so what you desire most is someone who will be able to provide a lot of calming stability to your life.

11 Aquarius


You always want to feel like you are the equal of whoever you are with, so the keyword that sums this up is definitely a desire for respect.

12 Pisces


You want to be in a relationship, but your main desire is to not have to sacrifice your freedom in order to have that.

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