How to Reinvent Yourself after Failure ...

As the New Year rings in, I’m sure that you are looking for new ways to reinvent yourself. Well, look no further. Below is a list of ways to kick your failures to the curb, and step into a new you. Take a look at these ways to reinvent yourself, and become the better you.

1. Confront Your Failure

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Before you look for ways to reinvent yourself after failure, confront the failure. This involves looking at each point of the past. Why you failed, how you failed, where you failed and so on. Write out a list of questions about your failure. You may never be able to answer them all. However, writing out these questions will allow you to see that this one instance of failure has no true hold on you.

2. Reexamine Your Life as a Whole

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What about your life makes you anxious? What about your life holds you back from your true potential? Take a look your life from an objective stand point. Do not be afraid to see your error, laziness, or lack of judgment. Use these bits of your life to drive the rest of your life.

3. Seek out a New Mentor

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Mentors are great. They can tell you things about yourself that friends and family may be too comfortable to tell you. Seek out someone in your field that can give you insight into a part of your career you have yet to tap into. Seek out someone who is in a place of financial security that you would like to get to. If you feel the need, grab a life coach. The mentor you choose can lead to the life you have always wanted.

4. Hash out a New Bucket List

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Do you know those things you have always wanted to do? The places you have dreamed of seeing. Even the people you have wanted to help out. Write them down. Then actively find ways to accomplish each and every single one of them. Set time limits where possible, and you are sure to get through your list in no time at all. Once you complete a list, you’ll become enthralled with finding more things that you want to accomplish.

5. Get Organized

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After a failure, it is super easy to get lost in self-pity and get much unorganized. There is an easy fix for that. Get organized! Use that planner that’s collecting dust. Make your desk top neat. Have a calendar for events and happenings for your household and beyond. Getting organized maybe be the remedy for your reinvention. Start small and go big. There is no need to fear the unknown of what your have to organize. Just hop to it!

6. Add in Old Hobbies

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Remember how you used to love [insert the sport you played as a teenager]? Oh, and remember the [insert your old band instrument] that you used to play? What about how you used wake up early on Saturday to [insert your favorite past time]? A key part to reinvention of one’s self is to reestablish what you loved and what you want to love.

7. Rediscover Your Passion at All Costs

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What drove you to success in the past? There is a huge chance that it can reignite your amazing future. Tap into history and see what drives passion in your heart. Do what makes you feel alive once more.

Whatever you do, do not give up on yourself. You can reinvent yourself. What will you do to become the new you?

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