7 Positive Thoughts for People Who Suffer from FOMO ...


7 Positive Thoughts for People Who Suffer from FOMO ...
7 Positive Thoughts for People Who Suffer from FOMO ...

Do you ever feel that you're missing out? It's a common feeling, but one that isn't always based on fact. We look at other people and imagine that they're living the perfect lives. We feel that we'll never achieve what they've done, and have the home, relationship or money that we want. If only we could afford to go on our dream vacation, or go out more! But you shouldn't be afraid of missing out, and here's why …

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Other People's Lives May Not Be as Great as You Think

Looking at other people and seeing what they have can often make us envious and feel that we're missing out because we don't have the same things. But we never see the full picture, and don't know everything about their lives. Maybe their lives aren't as great as we think! Everyone has problems, even the people who seem to have it all …


There's Plenty of Time to Achieve Your Goals

Don't fret if you haven't achieved your goals yet; there's plenty of time. We often impose unnecessary time limits on ourselves, and think that we have to achieve things by a certain age. It's never too late where most things are concerned, so stop worrying and thinking you've missed the boat. You haven't.


Envy is Not a Good Emotion

If you feel you're missing out because you don't have what other people have, stop thinking like that. You're veering dangerously close to envying them, and that's not a good emotion. Appreciate what you do have, rather than envying what you don't. And if you really want something, work for it.


You Can't do Everything

Bucket lists may be fun to make, and it's great if you can tick some of them off. But chances are it's impossible to do everything you'd like to do. So why feel that you're missing out because you can't afford to visit all the countries you'd like to see? Enjoy your memories of the places you have been to. Besides, the other countries aren't going anywhere, so you might get to see them one day.


You Can Make Mistakes if You're in a Rush

The fear of missing out can lead us to make mistakes. We rush into situations because we think we're running out of time; for example, if you're in your 30s and want children, you may rush into a relationship because you think you don't have time to wait. It's often better to wait until the time (and the person) is right, rather than get into a relationship with the wrong person.


Work out How to Get Where You Want, and Take Action

If you really feel that you're missing out on something important, then do something about it. Sitting around complaining won't get you anywhere! Work out what you need to do, and then take action. What you want won't just fall into your lap; the people who are doing the things you feel you're missing out on have actually done something to get to that place.


Appreciate What You Have

Lastly, it's better to appreciate what you have rather than worry about what you don't have. Changing your focus will help you to feel more content and lose any sense of missing out. Even if you had or did all the things that you feel you're missing out on, you wouldn't necessarily be happy - rich people have problems too!

So what do you have to be thankful for? Give it some thought …

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So is being envious.

Am thankful for life cause as long as I still breathe I still have hope and strength to carry on

I️ have been on both sides, and money doesn’t solve the important things.

Appreciate what you have is a big one.

Was this supposed to be ironic? The article did not appear so now I really have missed out!

Pick the right ones who are kind and care about you

So so true just as you think other people could be living some kind of good life usually it isn't true just be happy for you and not worry about how great someone else's life is it you miss out on your own enjoyment ! Great point. Also on you are good.


There's plenty of time hmm, nice article 👍🏽

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