How Can Writing Empower You?


How Can Writing Empower You?
How Can Writing Empower You?

You will often hear the advice to “write it down” as a solution to a number of issues. Writing is an avenue of expression that is accessible to anyone and anyone can do. There are no rules, no set template. All you need is a pen and paper and you’re immediately empowered. Here’s why:

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You Absorb More Information if You Write It down

Empower yourself with a firmer intellect and a stronger grasp of important concepts. Our brains are wired to become stronger when we teach, and writing concepts down is tantamount to helping teach others and yourself. You will retain information and understand concepts better if you write them down. Empower yourself by improving your intellect and showing the world you are more than what everybody else decides you should be!


Some Emotions Are Difficult to Comprehend without Structure

When you write, you can build structure into your words. You can create something that has a form and a feel to it that you can relate to. You can get your words out on a page and in the process, you are able to fully understand how you feel about them and what they mean to you. Maybe the parts that made you cry are parts that mean more to you than you first thought, and maybe the parts you thought were going to be very difficult were actually masking another emotion (maybe one of relief?).


Writing has the power to empower individuals, especially women, by allowing them to fully comprehend their emotions and thoughts. By putting words on a page, structure is created which helps in understanding the meaning and significance of these emotions. This process can reveal hidden emotions and provide a sense of relief. According to research, writing has been shown to improve mental health and increase self-awareness. It allows individuals to process and make sense of their experiences, leading to personal growth and empowerment. Writing can also serve as a form of self-expression and provide a sense of control in difficult situations. Overall, writing can be a powerful tool for women to understand and empower themselves.


Discover a New and More Powerful Medium for Your Ideas

Convey your thoughts and feelings via a creative medium such as writing and allow them to transcend into something more exquisite.


Work through Your Grief and See It for What It is

Do not knock the people that say they can work through their grief with the written word. Sometimes, writing about your grief will help you see it for what it is. It may even help you see that there is a tomorrow on the calendar.


Keep a Diary Because Today is Worth Remembering

The sad thing about life is that we forget it. Write in a diary so that you can see what happened to you in times gone past. A few written clues as to things that happened in your past will help you relive old glories and will remind you that you lived in the first place.


Create the Character You Want to Be

Write fiction and place yourself in the shoes of the person you want to be. Want the power to cut a boulder in half with a sword? You could give yourself the power of Thor and the Green Dragon blade from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Want to seduce Brad Pitt whilst Captain America watches? Then write it into your story, and if you change the names, you can turn it into a book on its own, just like how the Twilight fan fiction became Shades of Grey.


Conduct Your Own Behavioral Therapy

One of the reasons why everyone should write is because it allows a person to undertake their own behavioral therapy. For example, let’s say you have become increasingly nervous about going to bed at night. Maybe you have hit an age where you have recognized your own mortality and that one day you are going to leave this earth. You could let this problem suffocate you until the idea of going to bed at night starts to cause panic attacks, or you can write about it. You can write about it every day and you can point out the behaviors in your mind that are causing the problem. You can write about how you feel, how you act, and how you think, you can identify the problem and you can teach yourself to solve it through your own writing and self-examination.

I like to write because I feel like it declutters my mind, creating space for more thoughts and feelings. Do you write? Are you a random thoughts kind of writer or do you keep a diary?

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I love to write in my diary mostly because it feels like there's someone there to listen to the real me.

Mel, I would advice you that you shouldn't listen to your professor or what Ritchie is saying, because nobody determines your destiny, nobody in this world know you better than yourself. If writing is what you are passionate about go for it no matter what people say. Your professor is not God.

Big mouth Ritchie. Dunno but i just don't want to see your posts anymore.

Josey, You were being passive aggressive. I Love different opinions, as I clearly said before. You keep saying I was negative, but won't tell me what I said that was negative? You have been far more negative and controlling, than I have been. Is it right to tell somebody not to post? Im being Honest, which clearly upsets you. We arnt interested in your Religious beliefs, thats not the discussion.If you dont agree with what I have said, thats not my concern in anyway. Please answer my unanswered questions?

We don't have to be good or best in whatever we choose to do...if doing what you want to do makes you happy then surely do it wether anyone things you did a good job or not...nobody has a right to judge you or decide what you should not do...everyone is free to express their opinion...does not mean it is the perfect thing they said.

Kris im sorry to hear whaf a horriblething was said to you. I missed out the word some. Something like telling somebody they are going to die, has no grounded facts to go by. Mel on the other hand has a Prof that is clearly more qualified in knowledge to give advice. Hes harsh in saying she has no talent. If I had a Kid I would never say anything like that. Maybe hes trying to encourage her to push her self thats not happening. There is truth in what people say. Kris, I could say what you just typed has no truth in it, couldnt I?

Ritchie, I disagree. There is not always truth in what people say. My parents were told I'd die within six weeks of my birth. That was fifty five years and counting ago.

Josie, The Psychologist - You know me so well. Its spelt Ritchie by the way, and yes You want me to respond silly Girl lol. Its like a car accident, you dont want to look, but you keep looking and responding. Dont forget I do this for a living and get paid.. I am far from angry, why would a chat Board get me angry, What have you said that could make me angry? I have to deal some of the worst criminals in society, so little old you with your 5 posts, and weak arguments and question evasion, isnt really convincing me. Please advise me, what can you share with your wealth of knowledge? after you answer my evaded questions? I won't be surprised if you respond to this post lol If your Pride allows you, try not to always say the last word. :)

Which saying?

Mel, Listen to what your professor says. There is always truth in what people say.  Why do need confirmation to follow your dreams, and passion in life? My Favorite saying is " The Pen is Mightier than the Sword "Set the world on Fire with your pen.Go for it Girl !!

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