Sad Truths about Your Life You Need to Change ...


Sad Truths about Your Life You Need to Change ...
Sad Truths about Your Life You Need to Change ...

Your life isn't perfect. Of course, you can change that. This year, make it your mission to change these sad truths that Ask Men know are true:

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You Watch Too Much TV

You Watch Too Much TV Or maybe you spend too much time on the internet. Either way, you need to rest your eyes. Stop staring at a screen and venture into the great outdoors. You deserve it.


You Don't Read Enough

You Don't Read Enough Even if you've been reading a book per month, that's not enough. Reading can take you away to different worlds and teach you about our world. That's why it's important to flip through as many pages as possible this year.


You Haven't Traveled Enough

play, screenshot, You might not have the money or the means to travel overseas, but you should at least take a trip to another town. Explore as much of the planet as you can.


You Can't Afford the Finer Things in Life

screenshot, aMC, Put in a few extra hours at the office. Sell your old video games online. Do whatever you can to make a little more cash this year than you did last year. That way, you can buy more and relax more.


You're Not Where You Should Be in Life

face, darkness, photography, head, portrait, Everyone feels like this. Of course, you can change the way you feel. All you have to do is set goals and actually follow through on them. It's difficult, but it's entirely possible.


You're Jealous of Your Friends

You're Jealous of Your Friends If you're jealous of your friend for her amazing hair, then go to a stylist. If you're jealous of her job, then apply for one you'd love to have. Instead of wasting time being jealous over her, do something to make her jealous of you.


You're Lonely

You're Lonely You can change this easily! All you have to do is call up your old friends, visit your grandparents, or join a new club. Talk to as many people as you can and you'll never feel lonely again.


You Don't Exercise Enough

glasses, Jogging, the, worst!, know, If every year you make a resolution to exercise more than give up or don't even start, this is your year to change that! Beyond the physical health benefits, exercise is AWESOME for your mental and emotional well-being.


You Hate Your Job

Athis Cars, person, mouth, screenshot, don't, Make 2017 your year to get out there and achieve your dreams. Even if it means going back to school at least you'll be on the right path to where you see your future! Find a new job and quit the one you've been dreading going to everyday.


You Want to Become More Spiritual

organism, planet, biology, outer space, screenshot, That's awesome! Do what you need to and get in touch with your inner spirituality. Go to church, temple, whatever it is you believe in. Want to pray more? Set aside time and do it. Start looking into whatever you need to do to reach your inner peace.


You Didn't save Enough Money

I'm, budget., Savings is most people's complaints in the new year. Easily achieve your goal even on a tight budget by researching debt payoff options and creating a savings plan. There's tons of small savings building options out there that will fit any budget! :)


You Aren'T Happy in Your Relationship

black and white, image, monochrome photography, darkness, monochrome, It happens to the best of us: we get so caught up in wanting to be in a relationship that we sometimes overlook how unhappy we actually are. Don't fear being single and certainly don't lead someone on you aren't happy with. Break up with him and figure out what you want and how to get it in your next relationship.

Which of these things are you hoping to change in 2022?

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@flowerpower- I feel the same way

Am I the only one who notices in movies and book the lonely one is always the one who ends up with the happily ever after and irl that’s not the case. :/

Julia !!! That's helarious !!! 😹😹😹

How depressing

Repeatedly brilliant !

" Do something to make her jealous of you"... - If that's your motivation, you got some serious issues to sort out.

Totally all me except 3 😞

I can't understand why people moan about being lonely? It's actually awesome👍👍💌

To remember for life!

"That way you can buy more..." Are you serious?

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