10 Things You Should do to Be the Best Version of Yourself ...


10 Things You Should do to Be the Best Version of Yourself ...
10 Things You Should do to Be the Best Version of Yourself ...

Most of us look for ways to better ourselves. Self improvement is always a good thing; even when you think you are already perfect, there is always something that you can work on! What better time than early in a new year to work your character? Here are 10 things you should do to be the best version of yourself.

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I’m not talking about going off to some retreat and becoming a master. You can get the soothing benefits of meditation simply by finding a quiet corner for ten minutes a day, a place to close your eyes and just concentrate on your own breathing and centering yourself.


Show Gratitude

Remember to always show gratitude in your daily life to be more positive overall. Thank people whenever it is necessary and show happiness for the things that you have in your life rather than sorrow for the things that you don’t.



Keep a journal and write down all of your thoughts for the day, whether they are negative or positive. Getting them out of your head can be therapeutic, and it also gives you interesting material to look back on and see how you've grown.


Form a Network

Get away from your social networks and instead form real human networks. Find more time to spend with friends and family out in the real world, doing real things that create memories that you can both enjoy in the moment and then look back on with a smile.


Read Books

Set yourself the target of reading a new book every week. There is nothing better than the feeling of expanding your mind with literature, whether that be non-fiction, fiction, or a mixture of both!


Eat Well

Try to maintain as healthy a diet as possible. It is amazing how much eating well can affect your mood as well as your physicality. Be mindful of junk food and too much sugar, and you will notice that you feel lighter both in body and mind on a day to day basis.


Me Time

Carve out time every day to dedicate just to yourself rather than doing things for other people 24/7. Shut yourself away and read, listen to music, watch a movie or binge a few episodes of a TV show. You deserve that break!


Commute Habits

Find some habits that can make your commute a much more enjoyable experience every day. I happen to think that podcasts are the perfect answer in this situation. They will put a smile on your face before work!



And speaking of smiling, you should definitely try to do more of it! The more you smile, the more people smile back at you, and you can create a whole host of good vibes just from using a few muscles in your face!


Social Break

Set strict social media and networking times for yourself when you are at home trying to relax. Things like Twitter and Facebook usually only end up causing rage and jealousy, so you are better of without them for extended periods!

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