9 People You Should Thank Instead of Hate ...


9 People You Should Thank Instead of Hate ...
9 People You Should Thank Instead of Hate ...

This time of the year reminds us that there are people you should thank instead of hate. Going through life can get hard when you think people have it out for you. It might make you become resentful and filled with hate. You are too good of a person to live a life like that. Examine your life and try to identify the people you should thank instead of hate because you never know what they can inspire you to become.

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Your Parents

Of all of the people you should thank instead of hate, your parents are first and foremost. Yes, they can get crazy with their expectations. Yes, they may anger you indefinitely. However, at the end of the day, they are your parents. They see you better than most people because they truly know you. A majority of the times they have your best interests at heart when make suggestions for you. Take their advice, try to apply it to your life, and go from there.



Being the oldest of four and the only girl, relating to my siblings can be super hard sometimes. Growing up, we always got into fights over the silliest things. Now that I am in college, I see the in a whole new light. Time and distance has helped me realize just how much these three munchkins have helped me grow as an individual. For that, I am forever grateful for them.


That Evil Coworker

This is the one person at work that just grinds your gears. You may have to work a bit more to pick up for their slack. They may take credit for your work. Do not get upset (well let out a bit of anger). Instead, use this opportunity to grow. Emotionally, you will be able to exert better control of yourself by dealing with this difficult person in a productive manner.


Your Boss

This person in particular has the power to make your life a living hell. Or do they? To be honest, they can only make your happiness a bit more difficult to obtain. If they are harassing you, report them to HR and move on with your life. There is no need to let a supervisor stand in your way of living a good life.


Anyone That Taught You a Lesson

I have had many people in my life that have made me stop and redirect my life. At the time, it really ticked me off that they could see where I needed improvement before I could. Now, I am just thankful that they shared those criticisms with me. Take their critique with a grain of salt and a bit of sugar if it is too harsh.


Those Exes or That Ex

We all have dated someone for a while only to break up and think “What the heck was I thinking?!” I try not to look back on those guys with hate. They have taught me important lessons. I now know that I am stronger than I thought I was. I now know how to pick myself up out of self-pity and move forward. Take a look at your dating history. Be thankful that you have grown as a person and decide to be wiser than before.


Those Mean People

There are people in this world that live to be mean and nasty for no reason. Their presence should not make you hate them. I believe that they are purposefully placed in our lives in order to teach us how to be humble, show grace, and live a better life. Be thankful that you can see their wrong and use it to correct the way you live your life.


The Inconsistent

I cannot stand people who are never on time. I have a certain distaste for those who do not know how to keep a schedule or goal. They can really wreak havoc when it comes to planning out events and gatherings. That being said, welcome these people and their uncertainty [to an extent]. Life sometimes throws you curve balls to show you how to handle things when they are simple. Take every encounter as a stepping stone to put you in a better place to handle whatever life may have in store for you.



There are times when we fail so badly that we just cannot come to terms with ourselves. It is ok. I have learned that it is much better to thank myself for my mistakes than it is to hate myself for it. Accepting that I can do wrong and that I can fail has helped propel me further than I could have ever imagined. When you hold on to self-pity, it limits you. It places you in this box that determines your future based solely on your past. Let go of all of that and live once more.

There comes a time when we must all step back and examine our lives. Each moment we spend with others has a great influence on our future. How will you take charge of the company that you keep?

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I've learned lessons from the same people everyday my dad and uncle maybe I'm learning these lessons time and time again and haven't moved up yet because I haven't got a grasp of the lessons meaning I don't know what they are yet but I'm going to get there because I'm a work in progress.

Is that picture of Lena Dunham?

I'm very very surprised and disappointed that parents are on this article plus on the top of the list. I guess it's the different culture thing? In my culture, the words hate and parents are never even on the same sentence. 😬

I agreed with Kora.

I know where your coming from Luxy. My mum is dead now, never hated her,but she did teach me how to rise above what I went through at home. I have never hated anyone,because thats extreme. My brother turned into a Narcissist because mum looked the other way. He put me through hell. My Mum could have prevented that. I am big enough to feel pity for him now,because he has a personality disorder

Yeah! I thought this article was telling me not to hate on Lena Dunham. Lol


People mentioned on this list can definitely give a lot of people hell. A solution? Even if they treat you like garbage, be nice to them because then it will make them feel 10 times worse. Even if it doesn't seem like they feel bad, trust me, they do!

My mom is the reason I wanna kill myself, but of course I have to thank my mom for making me hate myself and afraid of love because she has hurt me and the reason behind my depression .

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