Random Acts of Pasta: Man Uses Olive Garden Pass to Feed the Homeless ...

Utah Resident Matt Tribe completed many random acts of kindness...with pasta. Hence, random acts of pasta! He had recently splurged on Olive Garden's "Never Ending Pasta Pass," granting him an unlimited supply for seven whole weeks. After making the realization that he couldn't possibly eat THAT much pasta, he thought, "What better way to get use out of the pasta pass than to do random acts of pasta?"

He began with the goal of giving out 100 meals but by the end of the month, Tribe had given free pasta to 125 people. Amazing, right?! "It was super fulfilling," says Tribe. "Because the entire time I was doing this for a month, just about every night, the only thing I was thinking about was who could I take Olive Garden to, who could I do Random Acts of Pasta to, who could I do something nice for. You forget about all your worries, you forget about all your troubles. Everything's better." Watch it all here:

If you want to read more about his Random Acts of Pasta project, head over to randomactsofpasta.com! What'd you think of the video?

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