7 Helpful Tips for Starting and Keeping a Journal ...


Writing in a journal is such a great exercise, therapeutic in so many ways, but actually starting and keeping a journal can sometimes get a little harder. Whether you write it down in longhand or make use of WordPress, LiveJournal, or another platform, it's all too easy to stop after a while. One day you're just too busy to write; a few nights later, you're just too tired to jot down your feelings or the minutiae of your day; and after that, it gets easier and easier to skip your writing time. However, whether you're trying to improve your self confidence, dealing with a bad breakup, or simply trying to work the writing muscle, starting and keeping a journal is really worth it.

1. Pick a Preferred Method

No form of journal writing is better than the other. Some people are adamant about keeping handwritten journals while others prefer the ease and convenience of using a writing program or creating an internet journal. Whatever you like is fine, there's no right or wrong choice. The key to starting and keeping a journal is to do what makes you comfortable. You might get writer's cramp really easily, or perhaps you prefer the authenticity of actively writing down your feelings. Just do you.

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