Little Things That Can Make You Feel Better even on the Worst Days ...


Little Things That Can Make You Feel Better  even on the Worst Days  ...

There are so many little things that make a bad day better. Adding them to your daily routine will keep you from going to be sad or angry. None of them takes very long, but they each have a big payoff. So, check out these little things that make a bad day better and you'll hit the pillow with a smile on your face.

1 Washing Your Makeup off after a Long Day

2 Googling Stories about People Doing Good Deeds and Paying It Forward

3 Carbs (because All the Best Foods Have Them! E.g. Pizza, Bread, Pasta, Etc.)

4 Sleeping in Your Favorite Oversized T-shirt

5 Taking a Warm Bath

6 Drinking a Hot Cup of Coffee or Tea when It’s Cold outside

7 Binge Watching Your Favorite Tv Show

8 Crawling into Clean Sheets with Freshly Shaved Legs

9 Not Checking Your Phone for Hours and Coming Back to a Bunch of Notifications

10 That Crunching Sound when You Step on Leaves in the Fall

11 Chunky Scarves and Cute Boots

12 Lounging by the Pool on a Hot Summer’s Day like a Fat Cat

13 Snacking on Candy and a Slushee at the Movie Theater

14 Slipping into Warm PJs Straight from the Dryer

15 Giving and Receiving Compliments

16 A Refrigerator Full of Yummy Food after You’ve Just Grocery Shopped

17 Much-needed Alone Time (Introverts Will Understand This!)

18 A Glass of Wine after a Stressful Day

19 Freshly Painted Nails

20 Wiping Away Those Little Eye Crusties We All Have in the Morning

21 Good Hair Days That Make You Feel like a Fierce B*tch

22 Getting Immersed in a Good Book or Movie

23 When Your Skin is Clear Enough to Confidently Go Bare-faced

24 Driving around in Your Biggest Pair of Sunglasses with the Music Blasting

25 Doing a Pore Strip (because Nothing’s More Satisfying than Marveling at All the Gunk It Pulled out)

26 Checking out Your Tan Lines after a Day of Soaking up the Sun

27 Looking at Photos That Are so Pretty They Look like Paintings

28 A Girls Night out with Your Besties