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Ways to Feel Better about Yourself ...

By Zaima

As everyone has their good days, there are times we all have our bad days. There’s nothing wrong with being sad or angry or just wanting to cry. There are studies that say how it’s good to cry, the neurotransmitters releasing endorphins can be really beneficial and gives an excuse to cleanse your eyes. Self love is so very important and should never be ignored.

1 Cry

It’s okay for little girls to cry, but it should be that it’s okay for everyone to cry. Both boys and girls should be able to accept their emotions rather than being raised to suppress them. According to psychology, repressing any negative emotion can cause long term conflicts that may damage people. Crying allows us to be vulnerable even if it’s with ourselves. Highly sensitive people may struggle because they have more needs for attention and comfort.

2 Yoga

Certain yoga poses can trigger emotional responses. If you found yourself crying over certain poses, know that it is completely normal! The poses open built up energy and can be very overwhelming for some of us, especially to those that have history of sexual abuse or sexual trauma. Opening certain parts of our body can be very important because of the tension we hold will be released.

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3 Meditation

Before all others, there is ourselves. With everyone so connected with their phones, it’s seen as negative to be alone. There’s nothing wrong with being alone, it can be rather a good thing! We spend so much time and energy talking to other people, it is important to take time to connect with ourselves. Ask ourselves how we feel, monitoring ourselves. Allowing ourselves to get in sync with ourselves helps us understand ourselves better. Doing so allows for future decisions to be made for ourselves rather than to think about doing something for someone else. It’s really important to put ourselves before others sometimes!

4 Therapy

Telling every little detail to our loved ones can sometimes strain the relationship we have with others. I find therapy really beneficial because sometimes I’m not entirely comfortable talking to other people about my ups and downs and making everything about me when I’m with friends or family. I find therapy nice because if I ever have any downs, I am able to see it differently than the first time and doing that is enough to help me cope with some of the things that happened in my life. Therapy also gives me time to focus on the other people so I can be more attentive and meet the needs of my friends.

5 Journaling

Everyone should try journaling. There aren’t really any rules to journaling. You can write a poem, you can write about your feelings. My 2019 resolution was to journal about something I see negatively or to choose a topic to write about and associate my day. The other day I woke up wanting to journal about appreciation and I found that when I really thought about it, I was grateful for the time people took out of their day to read my messages and reply. I feel like there’s a lot of things that go unnoticed and can be ignored, but it’s important to appreciate the little things.

6 Socializing with Friends

Sometimes it’s nice to be alone, but when I really want to interact with someone. I find that spending time with friends occupies the time I feel lonely. It allows me to feel grounded and feel special too because I can compare myself to other people and it can make me feel upset or even more lonelier.

7 Take a Walk

Take a fresh walk around your neighborhood or park and see some nature. I often sit in a garden and think of the flowers being my friends. All these little living things can be so beautiful and make us feel special because we’re surrounded by them!

8 Draw

Drawing out your emotions can occupy time and space. You’d be in your own little healthy bubble which makes it even more loving to see the growth of your artwork and emotions poured into art. Investing a part of you into these paintings or drawings brings a little more meaning into your life.

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