Easy πŸ‘Œ Ways to Cheer up 😊 when You're Having a Bad Day πŸ˜” ...

Girl, bad days are bound to happen, but there are loads of ways to cheer up on a bad day. Bad hair day? Smudged makeup? Spilled something? Gossip floating around about you? Whatever the problem, the following ways to cheer up on a bad day will ease your mind.

1. Work out

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Exercising is a super way to manage that stress and take your mind off of problems you're having. In fact, it's one of the best ways to cheer up on a bad day.

2. Talk to a Trustworthy Person

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This small step will get those feelings unbottled and possibly turn your whole day around.

3. It is OK to Cry

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Let go of your feelings. You'll feel better later as you'll feel exhausted and rest better after you've had a good cry.

4. Read Something

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Whether a joke book, cookbook, fitness book, religious book or magazine, reading is beneficial. It's a good distraction and you will have learned something in the process.

5. Take a Hot Shower

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This will relieve the stress and tension in your neck and back.

6. Clean and Organize Your House

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Don't only do this for yourself, but also to show off when completed. Invite a friend or relative over for coffee or dinner.

7. Ask for or Give a Hug

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There is nothing like the feeling of touch and being comforted.

8. Do Something Good for Someone else

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It will be worth it when you see the look on their face.

9. Watch YouTube Videos

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This is a good way to get a free education. Everything imaginable to learn about is at your fingertips. Better than an expensive Ph.D, right?

10. Fix Your Favorite Dish or Drink

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Eat or drink something tasty for a little indulgence, as it is not like this happens every day.

11. Listen to Music

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Whatever music you like, get into it, either while laying down, dancing or exercising.

12. Write a to do List

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You will feel better when everything is accomplished, with no deadlines looming.

Make this your action plan. When you go to battle with yourself, you'll be prepared and you'll win the war on a bad day. You got it girl!









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