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7 Simple Words to Help You through a Bad Day ...

By Holly

Inspirational quotes, mottos, and lyrics are so popular, because there are words to help you through a bad day. You should never underestimate the power of the human language. Strength lies within words. When things are rough, all you have to do is remember these words to help you through a bad day:

1 Hope

When life gets you down, you have to hope that things will get better. If you don’t, then your energy and happiness will drop. Hope is one of the words to help you through a bad day, because without hope, you’re treading dangerous waters. You can’t let yourself believe that the world is solely destructive, and full of pain. You have to realize that your situation is temporary, and always hope for the best.

2 Change

Change ties in with the idea of hope. When you’re upset with your situation, remember that you have the power to change it. You aren’t stuck in the same place forever with no chance of escaping. You’re in charge of your own life. If you want to change your job or move to a new town, you can do it! It’s all up to you. Change is just a moment away.


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3 Strength

Know that you are mentally stronger than you give yourself credit for. You’ve survived years of living in a cruel world. You’ve made friends and lost friends, and are still standing. You’ve suffered through awkward moments and painful events, but live to tell the tale. You’re as strong as they come. Never forget that.

4 Passion

Your passions in life are what drive you to accomplish goals. Do you have a passion for writing? You’ll be able to get through a rough day by scribbling out a story. Are you passionate about your relationship with your man? You can survive by thinking about how happy you’ll be the next time you see him. Your passions define you. They’re important pieces of yourself that can help you make it through any crummy situation.

5 Patience

You can’t be rewarded for all of your hard work without working hard. You need to try your hardest, and then be patient. Even if your days feel torturous, know that time will reward you. Success isn’t part of a magic act. You need to put in effort, be patient, and know that everything you’ve done will be worth it.

6 Growth

Remember that your struggles help you grow as a person. A bad day doesn’t exist to torture you. It exists in order to test you, and to show you what you’re capable of handling. Every difficult situation you make it through helps you mature. No one is going to love their bad days, but you can learn to appreciate them for the lessons they teach you.

7 Love

Love is a powerful force that can help us make it through anything. Do you dread going to work? Think about the children you need to feed. Is your mother-in-law frustrating you? Remember how important she is to your husband. When in doubt, think of how your loved ones are affected by your decisions.

When life throws challenges at you, it can help to repeat certain words or phrases in your head. Is there a song lyric or inspirational quote that you always recite?

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