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Little Everyday Things to do for a Better Life ...

By Nara

If you're always wondering how you can improve the quality of your life, look no further. Following these simple steps will make you feel better and enjoy your days even more.

1 Work on the Backburner

You know those projects you always want to get to, but always stay in the backburner due to lack of motivation and energy? They are an excellent way to have fun while being productive, and can make you feel good about yourself once its done. Crossing something off your checklist provides you with the feeling of gratification, and hopefully will push you to do something else, and something else. Besides, during sad days, you’ll have something to be proud of and remind you of how well you can accomplish something.

2 Treat the Future YOU

Do the things you have to do to make your everyday life better and give future YOU more comfort and happiness. Something as simple as tackling that pile of laundry, making the bed, cooking and prepping meals for days ahead and cleaning the house, could make a tremendous difference on days you’re not feeling so good. A good living environment can make us feel a little bit better when we’re low.

3 Improve the Energy of Your Home

Open the windows and the curtains, let the sunlight in. Play some good, happy music. The safest bet would be meditation music, which you can find anywhere; but anything that brings you serenity and joy will work. Light up a candle with a comforting smell. Buy some real plants. The possibilities are endless.

4 Exercise

You know how annoying it is when people tell us to go exercise and we’ll feel better? Well, now that you actually have the energy to do it, try going for a walk or hit the gym. The chemicals we release during exercise should certainly help us ride that positive wave for a while longer.

5 Let Someone else Take Care of You

Try some of those things people are always suggesting you do, and see how they make you feel. It could be getting a massage, setting an appointment with a chiropractor, visiting a wellness center, getting a haircut. There’s nothing wrong with having an hour of your day where somebody else is taking care of you.

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