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20 Exceptional Things to Look Forward to Even when You're Feeling down ...

By Marie

Do you need some things to look forward to when you're feeling down? There comes a time in all of our lives where our work becomes repetitive or we feel that we have nothing to look forward to when we put our head on the pillow for the night. Remember that no matter what society tells us, we have something positive to look forward to every day simply because we are alive. Here are 20 things to look forward to when you're feeling down.

1 The Sunrise

Each day the sun will come and the sun will go. Take a moment to enjoy the sun in the sky and the nature that is all around you. Appreciate the fact that with every sunrise, you have the possibility to change your life and explore the world. Keep reading for more things to look forward to when you're feeling down.

2 A Walk in Nature

Nature can get ignored in our screen-driven modern times. Look away from your phone and venture out into nature. The time in nature will give you a chance to self-reflect and you can look forward to seeing the nature change as the seasons come and the seasons go.

3 A Phone Call with a Long Distance Friend

Moving away from friends can make you blue and make you feel that you have no ties anymore. Use your phone to reconnect with loved ones and spread smiles across the line. Look forward to talks with friends and the strong bond you share.

4 The Power to Learn

Each day is a new chance to learn a language, to embrace a culture, or to learn a new skill. So take chances and find ways to start a new hobby. Starting something new will give you the chance to look forward to something each and every day.

5 Books

Reading provides entertainment and knowledge. Many of us don’t find that we have the time to read, so look forward to curling up with a new book and get engrossed in another world.

6 Sleep

Sleep is always something to look forward to. So each day one can look forward to something at the end of the long day by cuddling up in some blankets and falling into dreamland.

7 Bubble Bath

Hot and relaxing bubble baths will help you melt all your troubles today. Bubble baths and the relaxation that they can bring can be something you look forward to each day.

8 Taking Your Bra off

If you are coming home from work all frazzled, there is no better feeling than taking your bra off.

9 Sweat

A nice hard workout will keep you motivated and your endorphins high. Looking forward to a workout means looking forward to you creating your best self.

10 Food

Make yourself something new or one of your favorites. This way you will be excited about food and it will seem like there is something improving your life.

11 Hot Cup of Coffee

That caffeine in the morning is something that everyone can attest to craving. This craving will lead you to be relaxed in the morning and will give you a smile.

12 Listening to Music

Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a new hit, play some music and let the music console and energize your feelings.

13 Stretching

Keeping our bodies healthy will inspire a positive attitude toward life. Stretching will help you feel limber and you will see progress day by day.

14 Relaxation with Netflix

Binge watching is fine and all, but hunkering down with Netflix every day and having something new and exciting to watch is a way to help you keep excited about the day.

15 The Weekend

Weekends may be filled with friends, adventures, or relaxation. Either way, the weekend is always something to look forward to.

16 Possibilities

Each day you can turn your life around. Every day you have the possibility of changing your life, of learning something new, and of making memories. These possibilities will assist you in creating your best life.

17 Crawling under the Covers

Getting all cozy under the covers is something to look forward to after a hard day's work. Being comfy is something to look forward to while sitting in your cubicle.

18 Drinking a Cup of Wine

Filling up your wine glass is obviously something to keep that motivation going.

19 Smile from a Stranger

Spreading happiness to strangers inspires a community. Every little thing can be a high point in our day if you take the time to appreciate the small things.

20 Improving Relationships

In the end, the only thing that matters is relationships. So make sure to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. These relations will increase your happiness and give you constants to look forward to each day.

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