Little Ways to Improve Your Mood when You're Not Feeling so Hot ...


Little Ways to Improve Your Mood when You're Not Feeling so Hot ...
Little Ways to Improve Your Mood when You're Not Feeling so Hot ...

If you're reading this, it's because you're looking for some little ways to improve your mood. We all have moments when we’re not feeling our best, whether it’s from illness, mental health issues, difficult life circumstances, or just a run of the mill bad day. In these moments, the feeling can often seem like it won’t end, and it can be difficult to practice any form of self-care. While it is always best to first consult a professional about your specific situation, here are some small self-care practices that can be done with very little mental or physical energy. These little ways to improve your mood will make you so much happier.

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Drink Some Water

Yes, I know, it can be very irritating to hear this, especially when you haven’t been feeling well for a while and people repeat this over and over to you as if it’s going to cure everything. Thankfully I’m not here to pretend that water will be the end to all of your problems. Having a glass of water, however, can make you feel a little bit more hydrated and a little bit less terrible if you haven’t been able to eat well or get out of bed. In this case, it’s a small thing that could help make you feel the tiniest bit better when you need some relief. A glass of water is one of my favorite little ways to improve your mood.


Wash and Moisturize Your Face

Sometimes you don’t have the energy to shower, and that’s okay. In those moments, however, it’s difficult to not feel gross. Washing and moisturizing your face during a time like this can make a huge difference. It will make you feel a little bit cleaner and more refreshed, and it’s a small pressure-free way to show yourself some care. Washing has the added benefit of removing that unpleasant feeling of greasiness for those with oily skin, while moisturizing helps those with dry skin feel hydrated, so it’s a win all around.


Try Journal Writing

Feeling pent up with emotions? When you’re not in the mood to socialize, writing about your feelings in a journal can be cathartic. You can vent about anything and everything and not worry about other people’s opinions since it’s for your eyes only. It can also help you get deeper in touch with your feelings and what you might need, as well as letting you expel some negative emotions so they’re not so overbearing. Writing in a journal can help in a small way to make big emotions feel slightly more manageable.


Read a Book or Watch Some TV

Sometimes we all need a bit of a break from reality, and reading or watching TV or a movie can help do that in an entertaining and safe way. A really enjoyable story can go a long way toward improving your mood, and you might be surprised to see yourself smiling once you’ve finished.


Seek Help and Support

The most important thing you can do for yourself is seeking support when you need it. Whether that simply means asking a loved one for comfort, or it means it’s necessary to get professional help from a doctor or therapist, getting the support you need will ultimately contribute to your well-being. While small, these actions can become manageable stepping stones that can ultimately contribute to you feeling a bit better.

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