9 Survival Tips for Staying Sane over the Holiday Season ...


9 Survival Tips for Staying Sane over the Holiday Season ...
9 Survival Tips for Staying Sane over the Holiday Season ...

I'm here to share some tips for staying sane during the holidays. The holiday period can be stressful - between money, family, and work. All that shopping, wrapping and baking can really put you in the wrong frame of mind for what's supposed to be the most wonderful time of year. So, here are some helpful tips for staying sane during the holidays.

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Plan for the Expense

Planning is one of the best tips for staying sane during the holidays. The holidays can cost us a fortune! There are presents, foods and travel expenses just to start. Try and plan ahead, perhaps even start saving or planning a budget a few months ahead. This can help reduce the stress closer to Christmas.


Take Time off Work

If you’re lucky enough to get time off from work over the holidays, relax and enjoy it. Work will always be waiting for you, so don’t feel guilty about taking that time for yourself. If you do have to work over the holidays, try and enjoy what time off you do have!


Embrace It

Some people can get too worked up over the holidays, and worry about every little thing. Traditions can be fun, but they shouldn’t be overwhelming. Relax and embrace whatever you want to do. Eat the chocolate. Wear the silly jumper. Plaster your house with decorations. Holidays only come once a year!



Be true to yourself. Are you really a Christmas jumper person? Decorations can be expensive, and the electricity bill can be ridiculous! Decorate your house however you want, if you want too. Maybe make some decorations if you’re the creative sort!


Visit Friends

It’s easy to focus on family over the holidays, but friends can be just as important. I don’t mean work friends at the awkward office party, I mean the people you genuinely love to have in your life. Perhaps go out for drinks or host a dinner party? Secret Santa is always fun, and can reduce the cost of presents!


Visit Family

Most of us don’t visit family as often as we should, and some of us can’t, for whatever reason. If you can, perhaps make a slight effort with your family. You never know when it’ll be your last one with a grandparent. After all, you can always leave if things get to be too much.


It’s OK to Say ‘no’

Between family, friends and work parties, the holidays can be overwhelming. Remember that it’s OK to say ‘no’ sometimes and take that time for yourself. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.


Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Expectations from family and friends can be overwhelming during the holidays, so don’t put any extra on yourself. Dress how you want, visit who you want, and do your best with presents.


Spend It with Who You Want

Not all of us get along with our families, and some of us can’t go home, for whatever reason. Your family is who you make of it. Spend your holidays with any loved ones you want, whether or not you’re related by blood.

These are some easy tips to survive the holidays. Remember, throw guilt out of the window. It’s your holiday too.

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Thank you for saying spend holidays with whom ever you choose, because sometimes people try to make me feel obligated just cause they're blood..annoying if its unwanted

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