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Everything You Need to Know about Making Your Bad Day Better ...

By Alicia

Do you have some tried and true ways to turn around a bad day? These are some tips I use when I find myself having a bad day. It is always better to try find some ways to turn around a bad day. Salvaging it halfway through is better than having a completely bad day.

1 Smile

One of the ways to turn around a bad day it just to simply smile. Smile at others. Smile for no reason other than to be smiling. Believe it or not, the simple act of smiling makes you feel better. It really improves your mood and attitude.

2 Have a Sense of Humor

If you can manage it, having a sense of humor is always a good choice. Life throws a lot at you in so many different ways. If you can laugh at the circumstances you are in, it can help lighten the frustrations you may be feeling. It isn’t always easy but it is very helpful. A little laughter can really make you feel better.


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3 Be Optimistic

Some people are just naturally more optimistic than others. I totally get that. But you can make a choice to work toward being more optimistic. Make the choice to look at the bright side of things. Maybe you got caught in the rain and it ruined your hair but you found out that your suede heels survived beautifully. Choose to focus on the positive.

4 Watch Something Funny

Watching something funny can brighten up your day. It could be a funny movie but even a small video clip can give you a laugh. Once you are laughing, your day won’t seem nearly as bad. You can get your bad day back on track. You can also take a few minutes to browse the humor category on Pinterest. Whatever gives you a laugh works.

5 Plan Something Fun

Having something fun to look forward to can brighten up any bad day. It is just a little pick-me-up for your spirits. A bad day seems much better if you know you have a date with your sweetie or coffee with the girls. If you don’t already have some fun plans made, why not make some? Call a friend up for a last minute get together; they can be the best kind.

6 Enjoy a Treat

Sometimes a treat can turn your bad day completely around. It doesn’t have to be anything major or earth shattering. Treat yourself to your favorite soda or candy. Go out to lunch instead of brown bagging it. Stop by your favorite store to see what’s on sale on your way home.

7 Realize It Could Be Much Worse

This one is a very good point to spend some time thinking on. Your day could be much worse. You may have had a fight with your boyfriend or got in trouble with your boss but at least you have someone in your life and a job to go to. Realizing that things could be much worse can turn your day around. You begin focusing on all the things you have to be grateful for.

These are some ways to turn your bad day around that really work. What do you do when you have a bad day? What are your strategies to recover your day?

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