Stop 🛑 Apologizing! 20 Things You Never 🚫 Have to Say Sorry 😔 for ...

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like we spend our lives apologising to people, both familiar and strangers, for things that we do/did, even if those things aren’t particularly egregious or offensive? For some people, saying sorry is a default setting that comes to mind before anything else, even before you have had time to consider whether it is actually the right approach or not. There are also certain actions that seem to compel us to be sorry, say sorry, or just regret. To help you make better decisions, here are twenty things that you should never have to say sorry for!

1. You Should Never Apologize for Simply Being Who You Are. if Someone Doesn’t like It, then It’s Their Problem, Not Yours

2. Removing Someone from Your Life Who Was Being a Toxic and Negative Presence

3. Never Apologize for Something Unless You Are Truly Sorry for It. Otherwise, the Word Starts to Lose Its Meaning

4. Never Apologize for Trusting Your Instincts. It Might Not Always Be Explainable, but It Doesn’t Make It Wrong

5. Never Apologize for Your Opinion. There is Nothing Wrong if You Word It in an Inoffensive Way

6. You Should Ever Worry about Taking Quality Time for Yourself at the Expense of Plans with Others. Self-care is Really Important

7. Living Your Life the Way You Want to Live It, Even if It is outside of the Expected Norms

8. Standing up for What You Believe in. It’s Important to Stand Your Ground and Be Heard and Respected

9. You Should Never Apologize for Your Feelings. You Feel That Way for a Reason and It Deserves to Be Explored

10. Never Apologize for Being Protective of People, Because It Just Means That You Care Deeply about Them

11. Being Sensitive. It Might Limit Some Areas of Your Life, but Your Sensitivity is What Makes You You

12. Never Say Sorry for Speaking the Truth. It Will Always Come out at Some Point, so Why Shouldn’t Be from You?

13. For Taking Time to Grieve, Perhaps More than Other People. the Healing Process is Different for Everyone

14. Fighting for the Rights of Animals. Animals Can’t Speak for Themselves, so Don’t Apologize for Giving Them a Voice in Their Times of Need

15. Speaking up when You Can See That Someone You Know is Hurt in Some Way. It’s Too Easy to Ignore People Who Need Help

16. Never Apologize for Decisions That You Make about Your Future, Even when They Don’t Coincide with Plans That Other People Might Have Had for You

17. Don’t Ever Say Sorry for Being a Free Thinker; the Most Important People in the World Are Those Who Think outside the Box

18. Taking a Break to Just to Be Still and Quiet for Ten Minutes Every Now and then. It’s a Great Way to Recharge Your Batteries and Reset Your Mind

19. Never Apologize for Choosing Things in Life That You Think Are the Best Options for You, Even if Others Don’t Agree

20. And Finally, You Need to Stop Apologizing for Apologizing! Doing so Can Make You so Self-conscious That You Will End up Not Wanting to Say Anything at All

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