7 Things You Should Never Things You Should Never Have to Justify to Anyone for Girls Feeling Obliged ...


7 Things You Should Never Things You Should Never Have to Justify to Anyone for Girls Feeling Obliged ...
7 Things You Should Never Things You Should Never Have to Justify to Anyone for Girls Feeling Obliged ...

People tend to overanalyze what other people think of them, but there's no need to justify many of the things we do. Here are a few of the most common ones that you shouldn't worry about any more!

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Your Family

Family pride is really important to some people, but you may feel embarrassed or ashamed of your family for a number of reasons. Whether your family's finances, your home life, family drama, or anything else seems less than perfect, don't worry about it. No one's family is flawless! You shouldn't try to explain away family troubles to make yourself look better. You love your family and they love you—that's all that matters!



Some days you’re a 10, other days you’re a 2. That’s totally natural! It’s normal to wake up with a puffy face, dark circles under your eyes, and a few gifts from the Acne Fairy. Don’t feel bad about your messy hair and a less-than-stylish outfit either! No one knows what personal struggles you’re going through, but we all have off-days and can relate on some level.



Like your appearance, weight fluctuates all the time, and it isn’t always something you can control. Regardless of your size or shape, your weight really shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern. The factors going into weight loss and weight gain are countless, and people shouldn’t make assumptions about why your body is changing, nor judge you based on them. You should never feel pressured to explain your body type to anyone, just love yourself and that confidence will come through to others!


Your Relationship Status

Whether single, in a relationship, or stuck in the “it’s complicated” phase, you might feel the need to justify your relationship choices. But you don’t need to! Be with whomever you want to be with, if that’s no one but yourself, that’s okay, too!


Religious or Spiritual Faith

In today's secular world, religious and spiritual people often feel marginalized and mocked by society. Even though some people may think that you are foolish or ignorant because of your beliefs, it's your human right to practice your faith.


Your Home

It shouldn't matter if you live in a messy one room apartment in a century old building, or a penthouse apartment with state-of-the-art technology in every room. Unfortunately, you still might find yourself hesitant to invite people over if you are embarrassed about where you live, or feel the need to explain yourself before they come over. Just remember that everyone has different values, financial possibilities, and tastes, and that yours are just as valid as anyone else's.


What You Eat

Many women struggle with eating in front of other people, and that can be a sign of an eating disorder. If you find yourself scared to eat socially, think critically about your mental health and relationship with food. When you do eat around other people, you might feel the need to justify your portion size or food choice. To be honest—no one cares! As much as our culture might want us to believe, most people don't survive off of salads and chicken breasts 100% of the time. You should just do what you need to for your body; if anyone judges you for getting a second helping of mac&cheese, they aren't a very good lunch friend to begin with.

Overall, we need to stop explaining, justifying, and apologizing so much! Human existence is rarely perfect, and you should feel comfortable enough to be yourself around even the most judgmental people. What other things do you feel obliged to justify?

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