Here's the 15 Things You Don't Owe Anyone EVER ...


Here's the 15 Things You Don't Owe Anyone EVER ...
Here's the 15 Things You Don't Owe Anyone EVER ...

In a world where privacy no longer seems to exist, everything you do is under scrutiny. Everybody is judging you. Everyone has an opinion. It makes you feel as if you have to explain your decisions and choices, and justify how you conduct yourself and who you have relationships with. But, remember this: it’s your life and there are some things you don’t owe anyone an explanation for. Ever!

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An Explanation for Your Life Situation

facial expression, face, black, black and white, nose, Whether you are at a high point or at your lowest ebb, you should never have to try to offer an explanation for your current circumstances to somebody who is simply being nosy or judgmental. The only person who needs to be fully abreast of your life situation is you!


An Explanation for Your Priorities

black, black and white, photography, darkness, monochrome photography, Some people can be offended or standoffish when your priorities don’t necessarily match up with their own, but that does not mean that you have to give a speech about why exactly you regard something to be more important than they do.


An Empty Apology

not, apologizing, You should never give in to the pressure to say sorry to somebody when you don’t believe that you have done anything worth apologizing for. Getting into this habit can often lead to you being taken advantage of and becoming too submissive.


An Explanation for Wanting Alone Time

black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, screenshot, monochrome, There are certain types of people who simply cannot fathom the desire to be alone for an extended period of time. If you are somebody who just needs to recharge in peace and quiet every now and then, you shouldn’t have to make excuses.


A False Agreement on Beliefs

nightclub, bartender, I'm, not, feelin'you, Don’t feel pressured in to agreeing with somebody’s beliefs just because their voice is louder than your own. Have courage in your convictions.


A ‘Yes’ when You Mean ‘No’

performance, musician, singing, singer, singer songwriter, It is easy to become somebody who says yes to everything just to keep the peace, but in all honesty to yourself, you should only agree to things that you are truly happy and comfortable with.


An Explanation for Your Physical Appearance

I'm, curvy, and, like, it!, So you’ve dyed your hair a crazy color or put on a few extra pounds; what right does anyone else have to demand a reason? You are the only person who should be involved with your own personal appearance.


An Explanation for Your Food Preferences

person, speech, screenshot, REALI, HATE, We all have the one friend who is a picky eater; perhaps you are the picky eater in your friendship group. If you are, then you will know how annoying it is to have to make excuses for eating choices all the time.


An Explanation for Being Single

human action, hair, person, nose, blond, The older you get, the more of a fascination for couples you become if you are still single. Don’t sit there and be a curiosity for them - it’s none of their business!


A Date Just Because They Asked

GAMES, don't, owe, you, shit., You don’t owe anybody a date just because they were ‘brave’ enough to ask. That’s not how dating works and if they think it is that you are better off without them anyway! Don’t date out of pity.


An Explanation of Your Dating Choices

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, glasses, Picking a boyfriend or girlfriend should not be a matter of public vote amongst your friends and family. It should just be a decision made by you because it is totally personal!


An Explanation for Your Marriage Decision

hair, face, person, photography, beauty, There are lots of couple who never manage to gain approval from all parents and family members involved, but you shouldn’t let them stop you from finding true happiness.


An Explanation for Your Sex Life

facial expression, face, person, sense, emotion, The only person you ever need to be open about your sex life with is the person with whom you are doing it! Never feel like you have to dish the details to nosy friends.


An Explanation for Your Career Choice

muscle, sense, screenshot, singing, what, Nobody has the right to demand of you an explanation for the career path you took. Just because they don’t necessarily agree it doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong! If you need advice, fair enough, but it’s your choice.


An Explanation of Your Religious and Political Views

black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, film noir, monochrome, These types of views are probably the most personal views that you can hold, so if you don’t want to reveal them or explain them, you absolutely do not have to.

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8 is the most relatable thing ever. like i really really hate when someone judge me by the things i don't eat.

Love this thank you Neecey ! :)

I wish I could see the captions and the titles for each section, and that they didn't overlap on each other. Because I love all of this stuff, but I can't always read everything because the titles and the captions overlap

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