22 Totally Important Things for 20-Somethings to Remember when Life Hits Hard ...


22 Totally Important Things for 20-Somethings to Remember when Life Hits Hard ...
22 Totally Important Things for 20-Somethings to Remember when Life Hits Hard ...

You've got to read these important little things every 20-something girl should remember when life hits hard. These are the years meant for fun, exploring, and learning, but it's not always so simple. According to Puckermob, it's easy to get sucked into the bad and to be down on yourself, but don't let it get to you! Take a deep breath and remember these little tips.

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It’s Okay Not to Love Every Part of You...

person, red, lady, girl, beauty, But remember you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. The world won’t end if you eat that piece of cake. There's more to life than constantly worrying about how you look. Everyone has rolls when they sit down, so stop judging yours so harshly


Take Those Selfies

performance art, musician, fashion, orchestra, audience, And post them to Instagram. Make memories and document them.


But Don't Forget about the Real Stuff Too

hair, human hair color, red, image, blond, Like the fact that you need insurance...and to visit the doctor regularly, even if you feel just fine.


We All Hate It but Find Some Time to Exercise, You’ll Feel Better when You do

person, human positions, muscle, sitting, exercise machine, Don't forget to drink plenty of water, too.


Paying Your Bills Every Month is so Satisfying and is More Important than Going out All the Time

photography, beauty, fashion, model, supermodel, But still go out and have fun.


When Grown up Stuff Gets to You, Remember: Life Doesn’t Always Go as You Plan

text, font, brand, logo, The unexpected will happen, and when it does, I promise: the world won't end


You Don’t Have to Go through Life at the Same Pace as Everyone else

facial expression, hair, person, lady, beauty, It’s okay if your friends took different paths. It doesn’t mean yours is wrong


Don’t Ever Apologize for Being You

person, screenshot, You are worthy and you deserve respect


When Someone Calls You Beautiful, Believe Them

person, clothing, lady, beauty, fashion, Because you are beautiful!


Boys Are Easier to Figure out than You Think

fashion, fashion show, dress, supermodel, gown, Don’t waste your time on those who don’t give you the attention you deserve. Kiss whoever you want. Hell kiss a boy and a girl, or even two. Love is worth taking a risk on every time


When You're Deep in Your Feelings, Write It out

, A journal or even a blog are very therapeutic.


Ice Cream and Wine Are Pretty Good Problem Solvers

person, sense, We mean GREAT problem solvers.


When All else Fails: Call Your Mom

hair, photography, beauty, hairstyle, black hair, Because despite whatever you may think, she’s always there


Make a Few Friends Who You Can Count on

human action, facial expression, person, woman, girl, Find people who encourage you to chase your dreams and find a hobby that makes you happy.


Travel to Places You Wouldn’t Always Pick to Visit

person, photo shoot, interaction, romance, Don't be afraid to explore new things. Be brave enough to step outside of your comfort zone.


Tell People How You Feel, Even if It’s Terrifying

person, model, Don’t wait for someone else to save you, be able to save yourself.


Remember You Should Be a Priority

person, brown hair, long hair, singer, photo shoot, Anyone who sees you as an option or a backup plan needs to go. Let little things go, they're not worth holding on to. Also, learn how to love your own company.


Be Kind to Everyone You Meet

hair, person, hairstyle, hand, finger, It’s the decent thing to do!


Put Your Phone down for a While

, Real life is so much better.


Never Stop Learning

inventory, Ask questions about what you don't know and keep growing


Never Let Go of Your Dreams

yellow, Never forget that happiness is a choice. Bad days are inevitable, but remember that it’s just one bad day...it's not a bad life.


Some of the Best Days of Your Life Are Still to Come

people, You can handle anything that comes your way!

What's your favorite mantra for when life hits hard? Did you agree with these little things every 20 something should remember? Let us know in the comments!

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