22 Totally πŸ’― Important Things for 20-Somethings πŸ’­ to Remember when Life 🌎 Hits Hard 😫 ...

You've got to read these important little things every 20-something girl should remember when life hits hard. These are the years meant for fun, exploring, and learning, but it's not always so simple. According to Puckermob, it's easy to get sucked into the bad and to be down on yourself, but don't let it get to you! Take a deep breath and remember these little tips.

1. It’s Okay Not to Love Every Part of You...

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But remember you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. The world won’t end if you eat that piece of cake. There's more to life than constantly worrying about how you look. Everyone has rolls when they sit down, so stop judging yours so harshly

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